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Getting the repository

If you already have Subversion installed, you will have to issue these commands to get to the SuperTux repository. Anonymous access is not granted to a special repository that only gets updated once a few hours (as with Sourceforge), but instead to the main repository, so any commited changes can be directly updated by developers and non-developers.

cd directory_for_source_files
svn checkout svn:// supertux

Once the checkout process is completed, you have SuperTux in your directory_for_source_files/supertux directory, e.g. ~/src/supertux.

What's this Subversion thing?

Subversion is a version control system that aims to be used as CVS, but removing the numerous design mistakes. It can access repositories via its own protocol (optionally bridged over SSH) plus HTTP and HTTPS using the WebDAV standard.

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