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Download/Supertux SVN Version Mac

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Supertux SVN Version Mac


The SVN version of Supertux is also available for download for Leopard in an easy-to-use installer. Currently, The installer is not available, but the application is included. The Installer will be included in a later release. The version of supertux uses a program for macintosh intel ""or windows"" only called Wine. It uses the intel chip to process windows applications. Don't worry, Wine is included within the file. There are three easy steps for mac. 1. Download. 2. Move to a suitable spot 3. Open!

In order for the application to run properly, you must have apple's X11. It comes usually with the "Optional Installs" disk that you got when you bought your mac.


If you want to port your levels/backgrounds to the game, you have to go to this directory: /Users/(Your Username)/Library/Application Support/Wine/prefixes/Supertux 0.3.3b/drive_c/Program Files/SuperTux 0.3.3/data For a easy find, hit Command+Shift+G and copy and past that text in the code text I just gave you. You can even update the svn in that directory too. But editing the actual Application will not do anything unless you delete the library-based Supertux data folder. If you do that, the folder will get the contents of the application.


To download the game you need the following items. •Apple's X11 •Mac OSX 10.5 or later •At least 350 Megabytes of hard drive space •I've tested it on my iMac, which has 1920 1200 resolution. Or for windows: Windows XP for best results. the executable is in /Users/Robert/Supertux Files/SuperTux 0.3.3/supertux2.exe

Download Link Mirror 1 from FileDropper Last SVN Update: March 28

Updating the SVN

Easy-Download from with some sort of SVN downloader thingy. I use Tortoise SVN, so you can try that. Then, put the data folder in: "users/(Your Profile)/Library/Application Support/Wine/Prefixes/Supertux 0.3.3b" and replace. (I honestly don't know what the other folders do) Tip: Don't go through the whole process that often. maybe once every two-three weeks.

Thank you and enjoy! Monstertux 20:58, 13 April 2011 (UTC)

What's new with Version 1.0?

-March 28th SVN


-Support for all levels

Whats bad about version 1.0?

-No icon

-Resolution is unchangeable. :(

I don't know of anything else...

My bug isn't listed above


Go to [this page]] and go to the "Discussion" area and add a new post.

The game briefly launches (If at all) and quits

This is a common problem for non iMac users.

I am hard at work trying to fix the bug. Sorry!

What will be new in the May 1st (1.1) svn version?

-For game specific answers, ask the Supertux dev team.