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Let's face it: Nobody ever gave you a clear explanation on how to make a SuperTux level.

It's sad, but true. So, why are you crying over lost cake? Guess what: I made a better one. What I'm going to do, is show you how to make a nice, proper SuperTux level using the Microsoft .NET extension. But probably the best thing about this guide, is with your cheese burger, I'm holding the nerd-sauce. Now your probably waiting for me to stop making odd food metaphors, so let's begin.

Get the tools

Keep in mind, sadly, the editor does NOT work on Mac, and this editor is intnded for Windows XP. but there are a few ways you could fix that. The best would be getting Parallels Desktop for Mac (Which is what I use), from the website. You can get a free trial, but after 30 days, sorry. Well, if you bought it (which would be fantastic) or if you have windows, keep going.

First of all, you'll need the "Microsoft .NET framework." There is a good link right HERE

After that, get the Mono Framework which can be downloaded HERE Just follow the instructions, and download the latest version. On the bottom there will be a link that will say something like "Download Mono and GTK," so get that one.

Lastly, we can't be running around with no editor. So download the latest version (the one at the top) HERE. make sure it says "Windows, 32bit, .NET, GTK# 2.10" or something towards the end of the link in the page.

SKIP THIS IF YOU ARE NOT USING WINDOWS SEVEN OR HIGHER: There are a few extra steps for Windows 7 and up. Complete the following steps here, made by SK1LL: Link

Now launch "supertux-editor.exe" in the editor's folder you just downloaded, and we can begin.


Now that it's launched, a little window should pop up telling you to select the SuperTux directory. This is so it can get the images for the tiles, the music, the sounds ect. You also need to select the SuperTux Game's .exe file. Pop Up Dialog.png So select the two directories. It should look something like this for the data directory: "C:\Program Files\SuperTux 0.3.3\data" It should look something like this for your Executable directory: C:\Program Files\SuperTux 0.3.3\supertux2"

Once you've done that, we can finally start some editing!

Basic Editing

Placing Tiles

Now restart the editor, and it should now look like this. (STE) The editor.png

So click the button on the top. (STE) New.png It should have a forest background. If not, then click this: (STE) Prefs.png

Select "Preferences" and redo what I told you to do above.

If you see a forest background, great!

To start, select this button: (STE) Tile Editor.png

There should be a bunch of tiles. The tiles are the little squares you put down.

Lets make a basic level. First, select the little drop down menu above all the tiles, then select "Snow."

(STE) Drop down map select.png Afterwards, while holding down the right mouse button, drag the cursor down so the snow brick thing is highlighted in blue. (STE) Blue snow brick.png Then place it on the map below the thing that says "Spawn Point" (STE) Snapshot of Snow.png

Now, to see the level, click the "Play" button on the top left, shaped like a triangle pointing to the right. You should fall out of the sky and land on the snow. (STE) Level test (1).png

Good job! You can use many other tiles. You can individually place them by left clicking one, and placing it on the tile map. (The area where you placed the snow.)

Placing Objects

Now you're going to learn how to place objects, such as enemies, (Badguys) moving platforms, script triggers, ladders, and more. First, you'll want to make some more snow. So add another snow platform. This time, make it longer. First select the "Objects" button.

(STE) Objects Button.png

Then, select a snowball (Like the one on the icon for the objects) and place it on the new snow you made. It should look like this:

(STE) Snowball on ground.png

Test the level again, and kill the snowball!

Snowballs walk around.
When they come to the end of the platform, they fall off.
They can be killed by you jumping on them, and if they
walk into you, you will be downgraded or killed.