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February 20th Meeting Agenda

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The next developer's meeting will be held on Saturday, February 20th starting at 15:00 UCT. Anybody interested in SuperTux is invited to participate. The discussion will be held on IRC, network freenode, channel #supertux. Minutes of the meeting will be made available at Meeting 2010-02-20.

The following are topics we would like to discuss. Since it's possible that we cannot address all the below issues, we might postpone some issues for a later meeting.


  1. Project management
    • (Unstable) Release - now?
    • Decide whether to finish up forest (ghost) world or to improve world 1 some more
  2. Gameplay
  3. Source code
    • Split physics, drawing, etc. apart
      • Which design pattern to use?
    • Find some way to change object constants without recompiling (sprites, Yeti bounds, velocities of various things, …)
  4. Next meeting date and time - every Saturday at 15:00 UTC?

Things to do

  • Enhance documentation in AUTHORS (bug 578).
  • Fix bugs / things you don't like
  • Make certain game is fun
  • Update wiki pages (clean up design documents)
  • New levels
    • Boss levels need lots of work (tree boss is confusing, totem pole is a piece of #@%&$, all are way too easy if you just stand in a corner)
  • Expand levels to 25 tiles tall (max resolution is now 1280x800)
  • Make certain camera/levels allow playing reasonably at 640x480 (min resolution)