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Image of Fish
Found in: Icy Island, Forest
Appearance: A fish jumping out of water.
Behaviour: Jumps up out of water regularly.
Squishable: no
Burnable: yes
Butt-Jumpable: no
Freezable: yes
Status: in development

Fish is a badguy that jumps out of water. When Tux has to cross the water he has to pay attention to the fish so he doesn't get caught.

Proposed changes

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Maybe a different color can be used in the forest world than in the Icyisland.

Also, possibly there should be a few different types of fish:

  1. Standard up-and-down movement
  2. Curving Jump landing in a different place, going back and forth
  3. Archer Fish
    • Stays below the surface of the water, but follows tux when he is on platforms above
    • Shoots high pressure water which can break blocks and knock Tux into water where the archer fish can get him
  4. Swordfish
    • Curving Jump following Tux and jumping higher when there is a chance to get Tux
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