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Jungle Island

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Jungle island

This island will be after Forest island in milestone 3. SuperTux extra worlds will be added into SuperTux. Because of both SuperTux and SuperTux extra have a Forest island, the SuperTux extra Forest island will be changed to Jungle island.


Jungle island is very similar to Forest island, so they can use the same badguys. Jungle island will use some of them more often, than are used in Forest island. There will be also some new badguys only for Jungle island.



Its graphics are implemented, but there is no sprite or badguy for them. It rolls along the floor, when Tux is on the left or on the right. When Tux is above or under, it stops rolling. It hurts on touch and it can't be squished. It's flameable and freezable.

Hanging ball

Hanging ball.png

It could be a stone stalactite that fits the forest and jungle theme, but stone stalactite wouldn't break suddenly. It's a ball of dirt and stones hanging on a wine. When Tux walks under it, it would fall down. It hurts on touch. When it's hit by fireball, it falls down and when it's hit by iceball, it will freeze and it doesn't fall, when is Tux under it. It doesn't freeze enemies, like Stalactite.

Swarm of flies

Swarm of flies.png

The swarm of flies won't be flameable or freezable. It wouldn't hit on touch immediately, it will last a while. It will fly dirrectly to Tux. When it crashes to a solid wall, it dies.

Jungle ivy

Jungle ivy.png

Jungle ivy will behave the same as crystallo, but leaf particles will appear on death.

Mr. slimy

Mr slimy.png

Mr. slimy will be squishable, freezable, but not flameable. When Tux jumps on it, Tux will stick and he will move twice slower for five seconds. However, when it will be frozen first, this effect won't appear.



This root will grow up, when is Tux nearby and it will throw hurting stones to Tux. Root wouldn't hit on touch neither be solid. Only the stones will hurt Tux. Root will be flameable and freezable.