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Krush and Krosh

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Krush and Krosh
Image of Krush and Krosh
Found in: Icy Island
Appearance: An annoyed ice block making an angry face.
Behaviour: Clings to the ceiling until Tux is underneath. Then drops with unstoppable force.
Squishable: no
Burnable: no
Butt-Jumpable: no
Freezable: no
Status: in development

Krush and his big brother, Krosh, are badguys found in Icy Island. They cling to the ceiling until Tux is right underneath them, and then they let themselves drop. If Tux doesn't move out of the way fast, he'll be done for.

Krush, the 2×2 version, is available in SVN. Krosh is not yet available.

Concept art

Concept art for Icecrusher

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