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The Kugelblitz (German for [ "ball lightning"]) falls from the sky without warning; as soon as it hits the ground, it starts moving back and forth randomly for about two or three seconds in a fixed range, then vanishes with a pop in a cloud of smoke. Explodes on contact which hurts Tux. Alternatively, instead of moving at a random pattern, it could also move between coins or badguys.

The Kugelblitz cannot be hurt, the player has to avoid its radius until it's gone. With the alternative version, Tux can collect all coins/destroy all badguys before the Kugelblitz lands to make it disappear at once. It looks like a yellowish glowing wheel with animations for falling (with glowing trail), rolling, exploding and vanishing in smoke. It can be used in Ghost Forest and Forest Castle settings.

If the Kugelblitz hits water it vanishes and all water tiles get electrified for a short period of time. During that time, contact with water causes Tux and badguys to get hurt.

(I chose the German name because it's one of the few words that actually sound cooler in German than in English, IMHO.)


The path of the kugelblitz could be led by looking at surrounding things. For example the kugelblitz could always go the nearest coin or enemy in a range of 3 tiles give that it would not need to change it's direction more than 45 degree or so. This would allow the following 2 situations:


The kugelblitz would go down and then go upwards along the 2 coins and finally killing the 2 spikies and disappearing as there is no object anymore it could move to.


The kugelblitz would come down and start moving in circles from coin to coin. You could stop this behaviour by collecting 1 of the coins at the right time.

More Ideas

  • The kugelblitz could be attracted to spikes and if it hits them disappear. Like a lightning arrester.