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Supertux Reviews




Similar Games

This is a list of similar games found on the web. And the things they do better than SuperTux (so we can learn from them)

Tux Strikes Back

This is a level set for SuperTux 0.1.3. It comes with its own story, levels and world map. Features as quoted from the authors website:

  • explore 18 levels plus a secret bonus level
  • journey through many different locations
  • discover shortcuts and a hidden bonus room
  • fight Nolok's army in a challenging showdown

Alex the Allegator

Jump and Run featuring Alex the Allegator... The game comes in a gameboy-style graphics (4 grey tones, 320x200 or so). Strong points for this game:

  • It tells a story (some cutscenes with music, a bit of text). This really adds to the general atmosphere of the game.
  • The allegator rolling is a unique special idea which brings some cool elements into the game
  • You can play all levels again trying to capture all stars/cherries
  • Nice dynamic music in the background (changing when you die, when the level starts, ...)
  • 2 bosses, (1 boss after 5 normal levels) level bring new challenges

Secret Maryo Chronicles

Feels, looks and plays exactly like Super Mario World. Let's hope for them they won't get at Nintendo's radar... Good things in this game:

  • Accelerating and slowing down is slower than in SuperTux, making the levels more challenging (this is a good thing IMO)
  • Some of the blending effects between the levels are nice
  • Their levels are not based on a traditional tile grid, but you can place arbitrary (rectangular) objects in the levels


A game similar in spirit to MegaMan. Although the engine seems limited in a first glance (no scrolling, saving, very small resolution...) the game makes lots of fun because it contains lots of cool ideas and diversities. You see a new enemy, object or graphics every 2 or 3 screens which makes the game interesting.


A Clone of Commander Keen under the GPL.


An open source jump and run game. Seems to be heavily inspired by SuperTux and Pingus.

Cave Story/Doukutsu

Brilliant freeware jump and shoot. Featuring very polished music, story, atmosphere. Also shows how good jump and run physics should look like... A Linux version can be found at [1]

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Other projects

SuperTux Live!

A Live CD featuring SuperTux Mi1.9. Final release with md5 checksum Previous release: Beta 2 Thanks to Joseph Brower from the Rexburg Idaho Open Source Users Group for hosting!

SuperTux 0.3.3 addon collection

A collection of addons made for development snapshot 0.3.3 and 0.3.3-SVN. Mostly player-made levels submitted to the bugtracker but have yet to be implemented. Note that these levels are for the development version and may even have compatibility issues between the snapshot and the various revisions of SVN. Please pay attention to the intended version and keep in mind that they are unofficial addons and not maintained by the development team. This collection is maintained by lmh.