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Meeting 2010-02-20

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The 2010-02-20 meeting was held on Saturday, February 20th at 15:00 UTC on IRC.

Present were:


Project management

  • (Unstable) Release
    • General
      • Auria: Even an unstable release will attract level designers. The latest development snapshot is more fun than the latest stable release.
      • bkralik: Agrees with Auria, favors new release.
    • data/AUTHORS has been created by mathnerd314 in revision 6333, based on DataFiles.
      • ohnobinki: This documentation is enough
        Did you look at it? Thats just a list with some pseudonyms, impossible to link to persons or email accounts without searching the mailing list, the wiki and svn log. The goal is to have all the information in one easy to find place in case someone need to contact the creator of some file. --WolfgangB 17:36, 20 February 2010 (UTC)
      • octo: Some information on the graphics would be good. → He'll look into it.
  • Decide whether to finish up forest (ghost) world or to improve world 1 some more


  • Feedback for the Yeti and Above the Arctic Skies levels.
  • Decide which new enemies to implement/rewrite first (bombfish, snowman, ninja snowball, forest enemies such as owl/zeekling...)
    • Neither behavior, graphics nor code exist for those, according to grumbel.
    • grumbel: Not a high priority; fix existing badguys first.
    • E.g.: Use Mrs. Snowball more, remove auxiliary limiting blocks.

Source code

  • Split physics, drawing, etc. apart
    • Which design pattern to use?
  • Find some way to change object constants without recompiling (sprites, Yeti bounds, velocities of various things, …)

Next meeting date and time

  • Every Saturday at 15:00 UTC?