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***: AnMaster and WolfgangB
***: AnMaster and WolfgangB
*** Announce on
*** Announce on
***: Can be done by everybody
*** Update bug tracker
*** Update bug tracker
***: → octo'll do it
***: → octo'll do it

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The 2010-02-27 meeting was held on Saturday, February 27th at 15:00 UTC on IRC.

Present were:


Project management


  • Feedback for the Yeti level.
  • New tiles from grumbel - which are useful?
  • Milestone 1-like worldmap - do now or later (which ideas to keep from the new one?)
  • Screw the forest? Keep for now? Don't delete ever?
  • New names for badguys. Which to rename and (if applicable) which name to use?:

Source code

  • Split physics, drawing, etc. apart
    • Which design pattern to use?
  • Find some way to change object constants without recompiling (sprites, Yeti bounds, velocities of various things, …)
  • Proposal - merge src and data of objects/enemies together so that all content is in only a single folder (i.e., folder data/mrtree/ would contain mrtree.?pp, mrtree.sprite, mrtree.ogg, left-*.png, etc.)
    • Slightly harder to build and distribute packages (exclude *.?pp from data directory in binary builds)
    • Easier to take out/add objects, because there's less to keep track of
  • Switch to some physics engine?
    • Features needed for everything to work:
      1. tilemaps (or a good broadphase and efficient collision data format)
      2. static constraint solver (so Tux doesn't get stuck on tile edges; problem in Box2D/Chipmunk)
      3. raycasting (ispy)
      4. kinematic objects (HitResponse FORCE_MOVE)
      5. AABB queries (Drawing to screen)
      6. custom collision callbacks/handlers/listeners/filters (all that collision code in MovingObject)
      7. wheel joints (bicycle platform, unused except for test levels)
      8. sliding joints (pneumatic platform, also only a test level)
      9. path constraints/motors (for moving tilemaps/platforms)


To do.