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Milestone 1.9

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SuperTux 0.3.0, aka Milestone 1.9, was released on 2006-12-17. Although it's already fun to play, SuperTux 0.3.0 is to be considered an unstable developer preview.

SuperTux now has a full-featured official level editor, the SuperTux Editor, which was released in parallel with the game.

Being a preview build, SuperTux 0.3.0 still has some Bugs. Some of the most prominent bugs have to do with slopes. See the SuperTux Bug Tracker page for a full listing, which is also the place to report new(!) bugs you found.

You can download Milestone 1.9 from Download/Installation.

Release Notes

Supertux Release 0.3.0 (2006-12-17)

Just in time for Christmas, we bring you SuperTux 0.3.0, a preview of SuperTux Milestone 2.

This build doesn't contain all levels planned for Milestone 2 and its story is by no means complete, but the game is already fun to play.

SuperTux 0.3.0 features:

  • new, OpenGL- and OpenAL-based engine
  • final boss for Icy Island
  • brand new Forest World with new badguys and new game objects
  • new and improved soundtrack, immersive sound effects
  • much more...

The changes in more detail: The SuperTux engine was nearly completely rewritten. The game is translatable now, a new camera algorithm allows scrolling in all four directions. Collision detection supports slopes and moving objects now. We have scripting support for dynamic level events and animations. New game objects include trampolines, switches, portable stones, upside-down levels, wind, moving platforms and particle effects. The sound system is now OpenAL-based with an improved soundtrack now played from Ogg/Vorbis-files, which were pre-rendered on a high-class synthesizer.

This is also a call for artists and coders: If you like the game in its current state, join us and help us finish Milestone 2!


Some points I noticed while watching my little sister playing:

  • We should provide some way to make up-key for jumping still work nicely... She was really used to the 0.1.3 default keymappings...
  • Some last minute changes in badguy behaviour made some iceworld levels incredibly hard! Tweak the levels again
  • Enable cheat console by default... One of the first things she asked me was about cheats (because she died 10 times in a row or so in a level)
  • She missed the editor
  • It was not clear to her that she had to download openal separately
  • She liked the new music
  • She liked that she could go backward now
  • SHe liked that the game is german