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Milestone 1 Analysis

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Bad Things

The following is a list of defects in Milestone 1. These are not bugs, but rather things that are annoying, missing or otherwise out of place and should be changed or fixed in Milestone 2 or later.

  • Bitmap backgrounds look very boring, not only do they not paralax scroll (meaning multiple background layers scrolling at different speeds), but they also simply repeat the tileset that is used for the foreground.
  • Mr Bomb is poorly drawn.
  • Tux lacks a dedicated run animation.
  • The Run sign should be replaced with an information block.
  • The keyboard configuration via the menu is very awkward. It is only navigatable with the mouse (not the keyboard); it's kind of non-intuitive.
  • The black outline surrounding Mr Ice Block looks out of place.
  • The pipes look poorly drawn.
  • The green grass tiles are out of place, and the large one is too large.
  • The tiles are seperated in different files; besides other things, this causes slower load times.
  • The level header information loading process is rather slow (ie. launching the worldmap).
  • Besides the ? blocks, the environment is completly inanimate; this causes the game to be slightly less exciting.
  • In some cases, bumping against a ? block leaves the image in place.
  • One-tile gaps are handled pretty badly.
  •  ?-blocks don't indicate at which side they where bumped - MatzeB: IMO being able to bounce ? blocks from 2 sides to affect direction of the egg was a pointless feature anyway... Grumbel: it was pointless without backscrolling, with backscrolling however I consider it pretty essential, it should simply be a bit more obvious (block jumping/rotating into the direction it was bumped).
  • The goal bars are pointless (a ripoff of Mario World).
  • Worldmaps have basically no alternative paths.
  • There are no fade-outs/ins when you either die or complete a level.
  • While pretty, the snowflakes do not really match the style.
  • The coins are very poorly drawn.
  • The enemy's stay-on-platform option is questionable; it should be indicated by the enemy's color.
  • The ? blocks are badly shaped.
  • Stalactites should shatter via particle effects.
  • The physics of the game are too simple; making the game too easy in many areas.
  • Many enemies do not align properly to the tileset.
  • Many levels are completely pointless/without challenge.
  • Most enemies simply fall into a hole without ever being a danger to Tux.
  • The grey blocks are very poorly drawn.
  • To indicate that Tux entered it, the igloo should raise a flag, etc.
  • There are no half-tiles/unsolid (unstable?) tiles.
  • The invisible blocks have collision; even though they're invisible.
  • The coins and other things should have particle effects or some other animation when they're collected (not just disappear).
  • Many secret areas are poorly made and therefore may look like bugs.
  • The flying snowball enemy needs more animation (moving eyes, smoke coming from an exhaust pipe, etc.).
  • The death animation for the flying snowball enemy is the same as the normal snowball.
  • The music played on the worldmap is out of place.
  • The worldmap is inanimate and lacks water animation.
  • The "excellent" sound sample should be redone.
  • Tux's Fireflower ability (item and shooting fireballs) is poorly drawn.
  • The enemies move too slow (in relation to Tux); make them able to easily dodge Tux.
  • Mr Bomb's explosion should have particle effects.
  • The main menu background should be redone, with a superior AI.
  • Save-game slots should not be limited to five -- "Create Slot", "Copy Slot", and "Delete Slot" buttons would be better.
  • The pause effect should be redone.
  • The starting point (igloo) on the worldmap cannot be entered.
  • Pipes cannot be entered; we thus had no bonus rooms.
  • Clever enemies are missing (ie. the plants which come out of pipes only if Mario isn't standing on that pipe).
  • The menu fade-in effect should be redone.
  • There is no special sound effect that plays when you die.
  • More abilities for Tux are needed.
  • The time continues to decelerate even in the end sequence. All UI should fade away in cutscenes.
  • More font effects are needed, ie. the active menu entry should wobble, etc.
  • Monster generators (objects that constantly spawn new enemies) are missing.
  • Breakable blocks are randomly covered with snow.
  • The particles that get thrown after Tux hits a breakable block are poorly drawn (not reacting to gravity, etc.).
  • The Bonus Levels menu cannot be scrolled down. This is especially a problem when you have a lot of downloaded user levels, some of them will be cut off from the screen.

Fixed in Milestone 2

  • There is no back/horizontal/vertical scrolling.
  • The reset points are invisible.