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Milestone 2 Design Document/Enemies

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This page shall describe all enemies, old and new, in as much detail as possible. We also need to settle down on proper names for enemies, since currently there is a lot of confusion.

Snowball / Sport Snowball


Snowball is a straight forward falking enemy, when reaching an edge he will fall down and continue walking on the platform below. Jumping on him will squish him and thus kill him.

Mrs Snowball / Stay-On-Platform Snowball / Smart Snowball


Mrs Snowball behaves like a normal snowball, but instead of walking of a platform she well turn around when reaching the edge.



A snowman enemy shall be added, a snowman is build out of a base body combined with a snowball head, if the body is destroyed, the snowman turns into a snowball. Alternative: Let the head get destroyed and the body turn into a snowball that can be rolled around.



Like Snowball MrIceBlock is a simple straight forward enemy, he will not stay on platforms. When jump on he will get knocked out and become a grabable item that one can use to throw at other enemies.


The base behaviour of MrBomb is similar to the normal Snowball, except that when hit he doesn't get squished, but his fuse starts burning. After ~5 seconds he then explodes. While the fuse is burning he doesn't move, but instead can be carried around like an iceblock. Throwing MrBombs is more like a normal throw, not like MrIceblock getting kicked.



When the fuse isn't burning CrazyBomb looks like a normal Bomb except the color. When the fuse of CrazyBomb gets activated he starts to run around, maybe chasing Tux. He can't be carried around. Jumping on him when the fuse is burning will cause Tux to bounce and CrazyBomb to be stuned for a short moment (fraction of a second).



Again a very basic enemy, but unlike the Snowball he doesn't walk around in a straight pattern, but walks forward and backward around a fixed position. It is a stationary enemy.



Jumpy jumps up and down and stays stationary on the same position. His viewing direction might follow Tux. The string should react when hitting the ground.


Star shall get replaced by a starfish. (does that even make a graphical difference?)

Ice Fish

Already in the code, but not much used in Milestone1 Levels



A flying enemy that can land on trees and carry things around to throw at Tux. One thing it is throwing might be the BombFish.



A enemy that is letting fallen by Owl and then falls down to the ground and explodes.

IceCrusher / Angry Iceblock


The IceCrusher is an enemy that is hanging on the ceiling. When Tux gets within one tile the IceCrusher will fall down and try to smash Tux. When hanging on the ceiling the IceCrushers eyes shall follow Tux. The face expression shall become angry when he is falling down.

Snow Canon


The canon can be mounted on either static or rotatable pedestal. It shoots angry looking snowballs.

Mini Bomb


The Mini-Bomb is an small version of the normal bomb, it approaches in groups most of the time and is aggressive, it however is non-lethal to Tux and only works to either distract him and throw him back.



The spitter acts as walking dispenser, the enemy type that he can spit out might be limited to mini-bombs and similarly small enemies.


Yeti Boss Cutscene

The Yeti is the boss that awaits Tux in the first castle. After entering the throne room Tux will find a letter in which Nolok tells Tux of the other castles in other worlds (see Milestone1 extro.txt). In the background there is a window. While reading the note one will see a shadow approaching the window and soon after the Yeti jumping through the window. The normal boss battle starts instantly after the jump.

The current Yeti pattern needs to be reworked, since it is to easy to just stand in a corner and do nothing.

Alternative: Sequence at end of castle: Tux find Yeti, Yeti jumps out of the window and flees



The Eater is a very small enemy, half the size of a snowball, he can however expand a lot. If Tux gets to close to him the Eater will open his mouth wide enough that he can devour Tux or even other badguys. He his not defeatable by jumping onto him, since he will then just eat Tux. Throwing stuff at him won't work either, since again he will just eat them.

Milestone 2 Enemies