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Milestone 2 Design Document/Enemies

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Milestone 2
Design Document

This page shall describe all enemies, old and new, in as much detail as possible. We also need to settle down on proper names for enemies, since currently there is a lot of confusion.



Snowball is a straight forward walking enemy, when reaching an edge he will fall down and continue walking on the platform below. Jumping on him will squish him and thus kill him.

Status: Basic behavior is implemented, could however be improved with additional animations when turning around or when falling from a cliff. -- Grumbel 09:41, 23 February 2010 (UTC)

Mrs. Snowball


Mrs. Snowball behaves like a normal Snowball, but instead of walking off a platform she will turn around when reaching the edge.



A snowman enemy shall be added, a snowman is build out of a base body combined with a snowball head, if the body is destroyed, the snowman turns into a snowball. Alternative: Let the head get destroyed and the body turn into a snowball that can be rolled around.

Status: A very basic Snowman prototype is in SVN, but lacks death animation and the whole separation behavior. Could use fists instead of balls as hands. -- Grumbel 09:39, 23 February 2010 (UTC)

Bouncy, Bouncing Snowball


A leg-less Snowball that jumps around like a ball.

Status: Jump height and width could be tweaked a bit to make it easier to stand below it. Placement in the levels is the biggest problem, should only be used in open spaces, not closed ones where bouncing becomes unpretictable. -- Grumbel 09:48, 23 February 2010 (UTC)

Avior, Dex, Flying Snowball

Flying Snowball

The flying snowball has a propeller at his bottom which keeps him floating in the air. Due to Nolok's hurry, the motor is inefficient and varies in effectiveness, causing the flying snowball to move up and down while coughing out smoke and possibly other debris.

Snowshot, Kamikaze Snowball / Cannonball

Kamikaze Snowball

The Kamikaze Snowball also comes out of a snow cannon. He is very angry, or very "wise", and so can levitate through the force of his will. He is so concentrated on this, however, that he cannot turn or adjust his velocity.

Status: There is MrRocket in SVN which should be recycled and turned into a Snowshot. There is also a canon that can be reused after its graphics have been replaced. -- Grumbel 11:55, 23 February 2010 (UTC)

There's a Kamikaze Snowball in SVN, too. "Mr. Rocket" has been removed in revision 6408. —octo 21:03, 26 February 2010 (UTC)

Mr. IceBlock


Like Snowball, Mr. IceBlock is a simple straight forward enemy. He will not stay on platforms. When jumped upon he will get knocked out and become a portable item that one can use to throw at other enemies.

Fuse, MrBomb

Old gfx, should be blue

The base behavior of MrBomb is similar to the normal Snowball, except that when hit he doesn't get squished, but his fuse starts burning. After ~5 seconds he then explodes. While the fuse is burning he doesn't move, but instead can be carried around like an iceblock. Throwing MrBombs is more like a normal throw, not like MrIceblock getting kicked.

Status: Explosion timing is wrong, should be long enough to grab it and carry it around. -- Grumbel 09:51, 23 February 2010 (UTC)

Haywire, CrazyBomb


When the fuse isn't burning CrazyBomb looks like a normal Bomb except the color. When the fuse of CrazyBomb gets activated he starts to run around, maybe chasing Tux. He can't be carried around. Jumping on him when the fuse is burning will cause Tux to bounce and CrazyBomb to be stunned for a short moment (fraction of a second).



Again a very basic enemy, but unlike the Snowball he doesn't walk around in a straight pattern, but walks forward and backward around a fixed position. It is a stationary enemy.



Spiky behaves the same as a normal Snowball, but he carries a helmet which makes him invulnerable against jump attacks.

Sleeping Spiky


Sleeping Spiky sleeps, when Tux comes near he activates and behaves like a normal Spiky. (Grumbel: Not sure that guy is a good idea)

Recoil, SnowJumpy


Jumpy jumps up and down and stays stationary on the same position. His viewing direction might follow Tux. The string should react when hitting the ground.

Ice Fish / Fish


Already in the code, but not much used in Milestone1 Levels. Since Milestone2 won't have water he should probably jump out of pipes.



A flying enemy that can land on trees and carry things around to throw at Tux. One thing it is throwing might be the BombFish.

SkyDive, BombFish


An enemy that is let go by Owl and then falls down to the ground and explodes.

Krush and Krosh


Krush and Krosh are enemies that are hanging on the ceiling. When Tux gets within one tile they will fall down and try to smash Tux. When hanging on the ceiling, Krush and Krosh'es eyes shall follow Tux. The face expression shall become angry when he is falling down.

Status: Needs a cool-down time after an attack, so it doesn't go up instantly. Needs particle effects when it hits the ground. Eyes should follow Tux. Should be larger, maybe 3x3 tiles or 4x4. Should accelerate while falling down, currently looks to much like constant velocity. -- Grumbel 09:54, 23 February 2010 (UTC)

Acceleration has been fixed in revision 6403. —octo 19:38, 26 February 2010 (UTC)
A cooldown timer has been added in revision 6405. —octo 19:49, 26 February 2010 (UTC)

Cannon, Snow Cannon


The canon can be mounted on either static or rotatable pedestal. It shoots angry looking snowballs. It is indestructible. SVN for non-captainsnowball/kamizazesnowball enemies



The stalactite stays stuck to the ceiling until Tux walks near it, then begins shaking. After a bit of shaking, it falls down in an attempt to hurt Tux, while also harming badguys that get in the way.



The flame rotates around in a circle, hurting Tux when he gets too close. It is indestructible. Do we want it to come in a line of fire?


The spike isn't really an enemy, so much as an obstacle, but for some strange reason, it's in the creatures' image directory, but implemented as a tile. Currently the spike only hurts Tux, instead of insta-killing him as might be wanted, for example at the bottom of deep pits. Alternately, we could simply have shallow pits that are easy to jump out of. (but that still hurt Tux)

ShortFuse, Mini Bomb


The Mini-Bomb is an small version of the normal bomb, it approaches in groups most of the time and is aggressive, it however is non-lethal to Tux and only works to either distract him and throw him back.

Spitter (proposed)


The spitter acts as walking dispenser, the enemy type that he can spit out might be limited to mini-bombs and similarly small enemies.


Yeti Boss Cutscene

The Yeti is the boss that awaits Tux in the first castle. After entering the throne room Tux will find a letter in which Nolok tells Tux of the other castles in other worlds (see Milestone1 extro.txt). In the background there is a window. While reading the note one will see a shadow approaching the window and soon after the Yeti jumping through the window. The normal boss battle starts instantly after the jump.

The current Yeti pattern needs to be reworked, since it is to easy to just stand in a corner and do nothing.

Alternative: Sequence at end of castle: Tux find Yeti, Yeti jumps out of the window and flees

Gulpy, Eater (proposed)


The Eater is a very small enemy, half the size of a snowball, he can however expand a lot. If Tux gets to close to him the Eater will open his mouth wide enough that he can devour Tux or even other badguys. He is not defeatable by jumping onto him, since he will then just eat Tux. Throwing stuff at him won't work either, since again he will just eat them.

Milestone 2 Enemies