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Milestone 2 Design Document/Levels

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Milestone 2 Design Document


01 - Welcome to Antarctica.stl

overground, almost no holes

02 - The Journey Begins.stl

overground, a few holes covered by wood-bridges/pieces

03 - Via Nostalgica.stl

overground, almost no holes

04 - Tobgle Road.stl

overground, almost no holes, a few areas where the player can walk above or below, many wood pieces

05 - The Somewhat Smaller Bath.stl


06 - The Frosted Fields.stl

overground, some pipes, many spike enemies, some holes

07 - Oh No More Snowballs.stl

overground, plenty of holes, crappy looking labyrinth at the end, some copy&paste tile patterns

08 - Stone Cold.stl

overground, ends in a cave, quite a few holes

09 - Grumbels Sense of Snow.stl

overground, mostly holow, lots of wood, little snow/ice

10 - 23rd Airborne.stl

overground, some air

11 - Night Chill.stl

night, lots of air

12 - Into the Stars.stl

overground, lots of air, night

13 - Above the Arctic Skies.stl

overground, sky themed

14 - Entrance to the Cave.stl

starts overground, ends in a cave setting

15 - Under the Ice.stl


16 - Living in a Fridge.stl


17 - Or is it just me.stl


18 - Ice in the Hole.stl


19 - Miyamoto Monument.stl


20 - End of the Tunnel.stl


21 - A Path in the Clouds.stl

overground, but with lots of air, lots of tile-abuse, needs a special tileset

22 - A Mysterious House of Ice.stl

overground, but with a backplane of ice

23 - The Escape.stl

overground, but with a backplane of ice

24 - The Shattered Bridge.stl

overworld, bridge/water setting

25 - Arctic Ruins.stl

overworld, bridge/water setting, contains blocks under water which are hard to see -> remove water completly

26 - The Castle of Nolok.stl

castle theme

27 - No More Mr Ice Guy.stl

overworld, boss level