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Milestone 2 Design Document/User Interface

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Milestone 2
Design Document

Menu System

Menu system of Milestone1 is rather ugly and could need a rewrite as well as a reorganization of some things:

  • displaying the level name in/above/below the pause menu would be nice
  • there should be an option to display the full GPL in the menu
  • the menu system shall use icons to make it easier to find things even with no reading skills


  • Create new profile
  • Delete profile
  • Profile1 -> Main Menu
  • Profile2 -> Main Menu
  • ...


  • Language
  • Fullscreen: yes/no
  • Aspect Ratio: 16/9, 16/10, 5/4, 4/3
  • Sound Volume: off/0-100
  • Music Volume: off/0-100
  • Setup Keyboard:
  • Setup Joystick:
  • Use Profiles: yes/no

Contrib Levels

  • Check for new stuff online
  • complete contrib worlds
  • browse folders with level stuff


The games configuration (fullscreen, aspect ratio, geometry, etc.) shouldn't be saved when supplied by command line.