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This is a prelimeniary page for milestone for the game. this will be updated soon, so just to let you know:

goals for each milestone release are to make a new world with a different theme featuring new tilset(s) and badguys fitting to that theme

Milestone 1

release 0.1.x snow world

Milestone 2

forest world release 0.4.0

Milestone 3

tropical world

  • tropical tileset
  • new badguys

release 0.5.0

Milestone 4

jungle world release 0.6.0

Milestone 5

desert world release 0.7.0

Milestone 6

city world release 0.8.0

Milestone 7

sky world release 0.9.0

Milestone 8

noloks island (gloomy scary) release 1.0.0


polish up new worlds???

world ideas

tropical world, jungle world, desert world, city world, sky world, noloks island, underground, candyland