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This page is for miscellaneous miniboss ideas. Any world-specific miniboss plans or ideas belong on their respective world pages.


Walking Trees

Walking Totems

Snowmen (not Yeti, but smaller, normal looking Snowmen)

  1. They should take two hits to kill. After the second hit, the snowman loses his head. After that his state changes; he basically only runs around like an idiot for a while. If Tux doesn't kill it in a certain (small) amount of time, he kneels and make a new head from the snow on the floor.
  2. Basically the same concept, only they can throw their head by themselves. The head could be the standard SnowBall

Giant Spider

It could be on a web that's in the background and walk randomly along it. It tries to drop webs on Tux. If Tux gets trapped, it jumps on him and hurts him. Tux can hurt it by jumping on it when it's at the lowest part of its web.

Giant Rats


Nolok somehow makes her evil (maybe a trance, or magic, or something) and gets her to fight Tux; this leaves a problem for Tux as he can't hurt Penny. This should be saved for when Tux meets Penny sometime in each world. Tux can kill off the magic by throwing her enough love letters before he gets killed??

or he could just have to stay alive until the trance wears off.

"Special" Yeti

Here's one big (graphically) miniboss for the ice level. A "special" yeti near an ice bank or something similar... He makes ice-blocks in the ice bank and throw them at Tux. He can only be defeated by Tux throwing back the blocks at him.

GIANT Snowball

One of those walking snowball enimies but BIGGER!