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== Creating and Playing Mods ==
See [[CreatingMods]]

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SuperTux 0.1

Christoph's Forest 2

Christoph's Forest 2 is a tileset modification for SuperTux 0.1.3. It features a subset of the new "Forest Theme" tiles from the upcoming milestone 2 release as well as some new "Dark Snow on Ice" tiles.

Note that these tiles, levels to use them, new added features, and more are already available in the unstable package.

SuperTux SVN


This is a patch for running the game on systems without OpenGL support.

SuperTux Cheat Mod

A modified version of SuperTux with built-in cheats.

SuperTux 3D

A game made to look like a "3D mod" of SuperTux. Under Development.

Creating and Playing Mods

See CreatingMods