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Mr. Bomb

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Mr. Bomb
Image of Mr. Bomb
Found in: Icy Island, Forest
Appearance: A blue walking bomb.
Behaviour: Walks around. When jumped on once, it is activated and explodes after a short time, killing nearby badguys.
Squishable: yes
Burnable: yes
Butt-Jumpable: yes
Freezable: yes
Status: stable

Mr. Bomb is a badguy that can be found in all worlds of SuperTux. When Tux or another badguy hits him, he stops and begins ticking. After a few seconds, he explodes, hurting all creatures within range. The presence of other Mr. Bombs during explosion may cause a chain reaction of explosions.

Old image of Mr. Bomb

Due to Grumbel's complaint that “Mr. Bomb is the ugliest badguy ever created”, user Poison Ivy created a concept image for a new look by combining features of Snowball and the old Mr. Bomb in Gimp. This approach was not accepted either.

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