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Mr. IceBlock

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Mr. IceBlock
Image of Mr. IceBlock
Found in: Icy Island
Appearance: A cube of ice with eyes and legs.
Behaviour: Walks around. When jumped on once, it becomes a kickable and portable block of ice.
Squishable: yes
Burnable: yes
Butt-Jumpable: yes
Freezable: no
Status: stable

Mr. IceBlock is a badguy in Icy Island with moderately complex behavior. In his ordinary form, he works like an ordinary walking badguy, turning around upon reaching walls and falling off cliffs. In version 0.3 and above, he only walks off a cliff if there is something safe on which he can land.

When stomped on for the first time, Mr. IceBlock suddenly stops short. If he is not stomped again for the next few seconds, he returns back to normal. However, if he is stomped once more while squished, he suddenly skids rapidly in one direction, hurting all creatures that he hits. When skidding, he bounces off walls and falls off cliffs. If another creature (including Tux) can stomp on him while he is skidding, he stops short once more (and if he is stomped again, he begins skidding again, and so on.)

While squished, Mr. IceBlock can also be "kicked," if Tux runs up right against him, and "carried" with the Action button. If Tux carries him and lets go of Mr. IceBlock, he suddenly begins skidding in the direction Tux is facing.

Continually squishing Mr. IceBlock will eventually kill him.

Behavior in Milestone 1

Old image of Mr. IceBlock

If Mr. IceBlock is eliminated, Tux is awarded 100 points. If destroyed via repeated squishes, Tux can get up to 550 points.

When carrying Mr. IceBlock, Tux is granted a "get out of jail free" card: if he hits another, non-invincible badguy, both Mr. IceBlock and the other badguy are killed, leaving Tux unharmed. A minor glitch occurs: Mr. IceBlock is scored as 0 points.

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