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Mr. Palm Tree

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Mr. Palm Tree
Image of Mr. Palm Tree
Found in: Nowhere Yet
Appearance: A tottering palm tree with many pairs of eyes.
Behaviour: Walks around. Stays on platforms and turns if any segment touches a block. Found in Tropical Islands.
Squishable: yes (But only bottom segment is squished. Next segment then grows legs.)
Burnable: no
Butt-Jumpable: no
Freezable: yes

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Mr. Palm Tree is a proposed badguy in the Tropical Island. He is made of three to five segments. If Tux lands on the top segment, the bottom segment is squished. Through repeated squishes, Tux can kill Mr. Palm Tree.

Mr. Palm Tree could spawn Nutty badguys, but that might be a job for a different badguy...Mr. Coconut Tree?

(Palm trees are the kind of trees that make coconuts.) - UltraPenguin
Perhaps Palmy acts as a kind of dispenser with a limited stock of, say, three coconuts. TUX/√UT (plz talk 2 me internets | view horrendous deeds) 16:39, 25 June 2010 (UTC)

Idea: how about when he gets hit by a sliding bad guy, he drops 2 or 3 nuttys. Monstertux