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Next Meeting Agenda

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The next developer's meeting will (probably) be held on a Saturday starting at 15:00 UCT. Anybody interested in SuperTux is invited to participate. The discussion will be held on IRC, network freenode, channel #supertux. Minutes of the meeting will be made available.

The following are topics we would like to discuss. Since it's possible that we cannot address all the below issues, we might postpone some issues for a later meeting.


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Next Meeting ?

There is most on the time someone on our IRC chanel on Freenode (#supertux) but it is easier to meet us on regular meeting, click following link to know when the next will take place: [1]

Program of next meeting (unknown date, 2014)

  • Should we use gmane to keep messages from the mailing list?
  • Work of the Arizona student for our project:
    • It might change the world available in Milestone 2
    • SDL2 migration
    • Quartz rendering for editor
    • They might code for next world (badguys behavior, Bosses, thema)
    • They were told that they was "free" to make new features if they are relevant in the game play