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Other game modes

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This page discusses other game modes in addition to the storyline mode and multiplayer.

Race Mode

  • A game mode in which the time needed for each level is counted and saved in a per-level high-score list.
  • Race Mode needs to be unlocked by beating the whole game first (including Bonus Island). (It could also be activated earlier, but then only for islands that already have been completed; however, I'd prefer the first solution.)
  • "Race Mode" appears in the main menu. All levels will be open, showing the current record when Tux walks over them on the world map.
  • All reset points are deactivated, so you have to run through the whole level again everytime you die. Therefore, lives are not needed.
  • Coins and powerups that are collected on the way might be counted as well, either for themselves or as "bonus seconds" that are subtracted from the overall time.