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*{{pf-a}} Add death-script to ghosttree.
*{{pf-a}} Add death-script to ghosttree.
*{{pf-c}} Add a stone stalactite sprite.
*{{pf-c}} Add a stone stalactite sprite.
*{{pf-u}} Add badguys for [[Wordld 3|Jungle island]].
*{{pf-u}} Add badguys for [[World 3|Jungle island]].
*{{pf-a}} Add more usages for iceflower. Iceflower shouldn't be too useless.
*{{pf-a}} Add more usages for iceflower. Iceflower shouldn't be too useless.
*{{pf-u}} Limit the usage of fireflower. Fireflower shouldn't be too overpowered.
*{{pf-u}} Limit the usage of fireflower. Fireflower shouldn't be too overpowered.
== 0.3.6 ==
== 0.3.6 ==
*Maybe a milestone 3 release.
*Maybe a milestone 3 release.

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By ctdabomb, LMH, Narre and hume2 spoiler
You can see, what everything is planned to next SuperTux releases.
[?]: Implementing of that feature isn't still sure.
[➔]: This feature is planned.
[➔]: It's beeing worked on implementing that feature.
[✔]: This feature is implemented in development versions.
[✖]: ignored
[⇓]: moved to further release
[ϴ]: partionally done, patrionally ignored or moved


  • [ϴ] Combine SuperTux with SuperTux extra. (at least partional)
    • [⇓] Add new worldmap tiles for SuperTux extra environments.
    • [ϴ] Retexture old SuperTux extra tiles.
    • [⇓] Add levels to new environments:
      • [⇓] Jungle
      • [⇓] Crystal cave
      • [⇓] Lavaland
      • [✖] Giant chewinggum
      • [✖] Vomitland
  • [✔] Many tilesets tweaks
    • [✔] slope tiles for tilegroups:
      • [✔] darksnow
      • [✔] darksnow2
      • [✔] snow air platform
      • [✔] underground forest
      • [✔] ghostforest
    • [✔] only border slope tiles for tilegroups:
      • [✔] snow
    • [✔] upper slopes and border slope tiles for tilegroups:
      • [✔] forest
    • [✔] some corner tiles for tilegroups:
      • [✔] forest
      • [✔] forest underground
      • [✔] darksnow2
      • [✔] ghostforest
    • [✔] Upgrade signs.
      • [✔] At least two new colour signs.
      • [✔] Remove snow on the run sign.
      • [✔] A sign that suggests waiting for a platform.
      • [✔] A sign that suggests using a lantern.
    • [✔] All ghostforest tiles will have similar texture.
  • [➔] Some features from LMH's TODO list
  • [➔] re-implement Forest island
  • [➔] Add death-script to ghosttree.
  • [✔] Add a stone stalactite sprite.
  • [?] Add badguys for Jungle island.
  • [➔] Add more usages for iceflower. Iceflower shouldn't be too useless.
  • [?] Limit the usage of fireflower. Fireflower shouldn't be too overpowered.


Further releases

Code Tasks

  • properly GPL'ify the supertux-editor (COPYING file, GPL headers, etc.)

Sound and Music Tasks

  • Improve the sounds
  • Compress music more. The 40 MBytes of music make up two thirds of the source tarball.

Graphics / Sprites

  • Create SuperTux idle animations (stage1: blinking with the eye, stage2: tipping with the food, stage3: scratching the head)
    • I've added the code for idle animations, we just need the graphics now. The blinking animation already exists, but it needs some tweaking - sik0fewl 06:25, 16 June 2008 (UTC)
    • [1]
  • when Tux dies he can fly behind blocks instead of in front of them, drawing order bug
  • Tux isn't centered properly to his collision box
  • repair jump Tux sprite (to dark black) (Grumbel)
  • do a 32x32 top-down water animation for the worldmap
    • use these tiles [2]
  • finish cannon graphics, also snowball graphics, death, etc (Grumbel)
  • Snowman graphics (death animation, turn-around graphics) (Grumbel)
  • Owl graphics (basically placeholder graphics right now) octo 07:53, 9 March 2010 (UTC)
  • some decor for ice tiles, cracks and stuff (Grumbel)
  • finish icecrusher graphics
  • deep snow tiles
  • icicle graphics for decoration purpose
    • [4] an okay job, but not the best -CT.da'Bomb
  • think of a new way to represent the exit area (snow molted with smooth ground below or so)
  • add turn-around animation for smart-snowball

Editor / Developer Conveniences

    1. directly accessible powerups
  • finish editor improvements (MatzeB)
  • editor doesn't align Cannon and Krush and Krosh properly (grid is wrong)
    • I think it's using the 0,0-position of the image to align objects, not the hitbox. —octo 07:50, 9 March 2010 (UTC)

Meta / Organization

Menu System / Game Configuration

  • add gamma control to the option menu, see: int SDL_SetGamma (float redgamma, float greengamma, float bluegamma);
  • make aspect ratio option menu thing work
  • need to properly auto-detect and set aspect ratio on games first startup (i.e. on a 1280x1024 screen aspect must be set to 5:4, not 4:3)
  • option menu entries are currently not in sync with gameconfig
  • add scale-with-window option to magnification or something like that
  • make left/right change an option in the menu, let enter apply it (needed for fullscreen)

Levels / Scripting / Gameplay

  • level startup needs a fade-in, so does game startup, level abort and a few other places
  • add all fade-in/out effects to DisplayEffect
  • camera vertical scroll doesn't work properly in a small window (i.e. it doesn't move at all)


  • aspect ratio init code (Grumbel)
  • think about peeking in relation to large screen size
    • Maybe disable peeking if the resolution is at a certain size or greater? Tux would just be centered. sik0fewl 18:34, 30 April 2009 (UTC)


  • fix and cleanup all the enemy names - see Milestone 2 Design Document/Enemies for new names
    • A beginning has been made by renaming Kamikaze Snowball to Snowshot. There's not much consensus about the other changes though, see Meeting 2010-02-27. --octo 07:01, 5 March 2010 (UTC)
  • AngryBonusBlock: Have a bonus block type that comes to life when tux jumps against it and then chases Tux
Break the "only good stuff from bonus blocks" and "same look same behaviour" rules? --WolfgangB 01:27, 25 May 2008 (UTC)
Secret Maryo has a poisonous mushroom... if they break the rules, why not us? Also, bonus blocks already have varied behaviors. --Mathnerd314 04:23, 7 September 2008 (UTC)
  • create an enemy type that doesn't just walk straight into one direction, but does something different depending on Tux direction (ninja)
    • Is this a dupe of the Crystallo proposal for week 4? - sik0fewl 19:58, 15 May 2008 (UTC)
      • No, this enemy is intelligent (reacts to Tux) --Mathnerd314 20:43, 19 March 2010 (UTC)
  • Mr. Bomb: let the fuse burn after one touched it
  • Flying Snowball: Remove randomness, should be periodic and predictable
  • Flying Snowball: Change timings to match that of Milestone1
  • Flying Snowball: smoke effect for the motor seem to be to seldomly triggered

Milestone 3

These are items that can be postponed until milestone 3, but are still welcome for milestone 2.

Code Tasks

  • separate lisp reader, tinygettext and other libraries properly out of SuperTux

Editor / Developer Conveniences

  • optimize the build process, building SuperTux currently takes ages (I don't see how we could speed it up..., MatzeB)

Levels / Scripting / Gameplay

  • fix console command set_game_speed() so that it doesn't slow down the console
  • replace "you found a secret area" with a special sound (Wansti)
    • why I like it the way it is. -ctdabomb
  • General: Do something about the walking speed, feels wrong at the moment, maybe a bit slower


  • create SuperTux .xo Activity for OLPC (Grumbel)
  • Have particle throwing starting enemies (fireflower like)
  • add sprite scaling