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An inflamed version of maybe some other badguy. Just walks around, trying to burn Tux by touching him.

Tricky if combined with other enemies: If (accidentally) hit by FireTux, Pyro will simply swallow the shots, then return fire directly at the player.

Pyro can easily be dealt with by IceTux: One shot turns Pyro back into the original badguy, ready to be jumped on.

Illustration is on

Variation 1

Initially, Pyro is not on fire. Soon as he falls into lava he will start burning, then jump back out and walk around as living torch. He will also ignite or re-ignite other Pyros by touching them.

Choosing an unassuming badguy as non-inflamed version of Pyro could add an element of surprise.

To make killing Pyro even more difficult: When shot at by IceTux he will jump some 128px backwards and thus (hopefully) back into the lava, ready to emerge again on fire.

Variation 2

Not only will falling into lava ignite or re-ignite Pyro, but also being touched by the "Flame" badguy or being hit by FireTux.