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Real badguys names

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There are real badguys' names:

nickname real name
bouncing snowball bouncingsnowball
crystallo crystallo
cannon, dispenser, dropper dispenser
ice fish fish
flame flame
flying snowball flyingsnowball
haywire haywire
Krush and Krosh icecrusher
igel igel
snow jumpy jumpy
kugelblitz kugelblitz
mole mole
Mr. bomb mrbomb
Mr. iceblock mriceblock
Walking tree mrtree
owl owl
poison ivy poison_ivy
short fuse short_fuse
sky dive skydive
snail snail
snowball snowball
Mrs. snowball smartball
snowshot kamikazesnowball
captain snowball captainsnowball
snowman snowman
spider spidermite
spiky spiky
stalactite stalactite
toad toad
walking totem totem
walking leaf walkingleaf
will-o-wisp willowisp
yeti yeti
wingling zeekling

Spike is not a badguy!