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Welcome to our SuperTux screenshot album!

SuperTux 0.3.0

Released 2006-12-17, this is a preview of what is to become Milestone 2. Lots of new features can already be tried out, e.g. levels that scroll in all directions, levels with multiple sectors, moving platforms, a shortened ice world and a whole new forest world.

SuperTux-0.3.0-1.png SuperTux-0.3.0-2.png SuperTux-0.3.0-3.png
SuperTux-0.3.0-4.png SuperTux-0.3.0-5.png SuperTux-0.3.0-6.png

SuperTux 0.1.2

This is a release for the big SuperTux fans. We were asked to make more levels, making some more challenging, so here's our answer. This version has a brand new Bonus Island map, new map features, a new enemy and some new tiles.


SuperTux 0.1.1

This version basically features the built-in editor that was removed from the previous release (0.1.0), new hand-written fonts and a few bug fixes.

Menu-011.png Game1-011.png Leveleditor-011.png

SuperTux Milestone1 aka 0.1.0

Milestone1 is in huge parts the result of the GotM event on, it contains completely new graphics, lots of new levels, a story and a worldmap. Screenshots below should give you an impression of the game.

Game-010.png Game1-010.png
Game2-010.png Game3-010.png


Flexlay is the editor that was used to build most of the levels and the Worldmap in Milestone1. It provides a few more features than the build in one (zoom, minimap, worldmap support), but requires a few more dependencies and OpenGL on the other side.

Flexlay-1.png Flexlay-2.png

SuperTux 0.0.6

Some shots from the 0.0.6 release, released at March 15, 2004. Basically this was a code clean-up version. Features a level editor and an OpenGL front-end. Menu as improved a lot, and fonts were also remade.

Menu-006.png Game-006.png Leveleditor-006.png

SuperTux 0.0.5

A couple of shots from our 0.0.5 release, released at December 29, 2003. Graphics were improved a lot. Also this version features a menu, and internal clean-ups have started.

Intro-005.png Game-005.png

SuperTux prior 0.0.5

Wow! These are really ancients shots from versions prior to 0.0.5. Graphics were a bit ugly, but it was already playable and had a SuperMario1 feel.

Game1-004.png Game2-004.png Game3-004.png