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An ambient sound that was given a name can be controlled by scripts.


An AmbientSound is instantiated by placing a definition inside a level. It can then be accessed by its name from a script or via from the console.


In the level file:

  (name "niagara")
  (x 10)
  (y 20)
  (width 100)
  (height 51)
  (distance_factor 0.5)
  (distance_bias 0)
  (sample "waterfall.wav")
  (volume 1)

In a script:

niagara.set_pos(0, 0);

In the console:

sector.niagara.set_pos(18, 35)


set_pos(float x, float y) Sets the position of the ambient sound
get_pos_x() Returns the x coordinate.
get_pos_y() Returns the y coordinate.


  • None
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