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Smallfoot's ideas

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Here I present my ideas. I hope they can make SuperTux more dynamic, entertaining and interesting.

Why not put them on the main page like everyone else. That way you don't have to repeat the stuff that was already suggested 6E23 times.

Ice breaking

There are ice tiles or ice ground that can be walked on. They can also be jumped on without break. But if Tux does the "buttjump" then it breaks the tile/ground. Perhaps this can be used to reach other areas or enter secret places.


There can be geisers on levels. That blow up water. Tux can stand on this stream to reach high places which are too high for him to jump upon. Could also be wind or something.

There is wind already.
Oh, wind is good, I've never seen wind in Supertux yet though. --smallfoot


There are teleporters or some magic force fields that work as teleportation means on the level. When Tux walks into the teleporter he gets teleported to somewhere else.

Yes, doors are good. But maybe have other stuff too like teleporter, magic force field, hole, cave or something. --smallfoot
Can be done already. A door with another sprite or a script trigger. --WolfgangB 19:47, 7 Sep 2006 (BST)


Tux can dive in water. Perhaps he need go up to surface to get more air sometimes (limited time underwater). Movement under water is slower than on land. Perhaps there are monsters under water such as sharks, pirayas, "the dopefish" and perhaps even some kind of boss. Can be a underwater tunnel, world, level, cave or something. Maybe need pull a switch/lever under water or do something there to open something on the surface.

Time limit sucks.
Uhm.. since when a penguin is faster on land than on water?
All the blocks he ran his head in have to have some effect.
Ok, I know the game is already unrealistic but there are still things that don't need to be forced. Why should Tux swim slower? its because Super Mario swims slower? Super Tux is another game and I think it has the right to break some non-existent rules on platform games. Been a penguin I think at least Tux should have the same speed than on land (though with different acceleration and physics), the underwater enemies could be faster too. I find many platform games too slow when they go underwater.
Yes, he could also be faster. But there should be a difference in movement under water and on land. Such as different acceleration or physics. -smallfoot

see Swimming --WolfgangB 19:48, 7 Sep 2006 (BST)

Doors / Bridges

Tux needs to enter doors or open bridges to pass to some place. In order todo that, he needs to todo something first. Such as get a key, or pull/push a lever or a switch. Or perhaps place an item (such as an stone or something) on a switch.

Can be done with scripting.
Good, but I have never seen this implemented in SuperTux yet. The game needs this type of stuff to be dynamic and fun and entertaining. --smallfoot

Rollable/pushable stones

These stones can be pushable so they start rolling.

  1. Can be pushed to roll over enemies so they die.
  2. Can be pushed to places and then jumped upon to jump from the stone to reach higher places which are otherwise unreachable.
  3. Can be pushed onto a switch to trigger the switch to trigger something, such as opening/unlocking a door/bridge, etc.


Pushable crates

Kind of similar to the above mentioned "rollable/pushable stone". But these can only be pushed and not rolled. Can not harm enemies. Unlock stones, these has the ability to be stacked on top of each other.

Catching background story

SuperTux needs a catching background story that inspires and motivates the player and drags him into the story so that he understands why Tux is doing what he does and why it is important.

"The bad guy took the penguins girlfriend, go save her from him!" or "Nolok stole Penny from Tux, you must save her!" doesn't cut it.

It needs be passionate and inspiring like:

"The evil Nolok kidnapped Tux beloved girlfriend Penny. Tux was worried he would never see her again, he was scared and upset but knew he would do anything to get his true love back!".

The player shouldn't just play level, complete level, go next level, in an infinitive loop until the end. As the player plays the game, he should learn more. When Nolok kidnapped Penny, Tux was shocked and confused. He perhaps don't need where Nolok is hiding or where Nolok has taken Penny, this information he can learn on the way. And maybe he learns about other bad stuff that Nolok has done to other people.

Some games have a story that is more interesting than the game itself. Some games you play just because you are so into the story and really needs to know more about it. Kinda like when you started to read a book, you cant put it away. Of when you started watch a movie, it get so exciting you cant switch away channel. :)


There should be NPC's (Non-Player Characters) which can interact with Tux. These can provide Tux with information of where to go, or where to find something, or what todo, how to accomplish something, guide Tux in something, teach/learn Tux something. They should have different personalities and different roles. Maybe they can bless Tux and grant him the powers of invulnerability or ice flower or fire flower or make him big if he is small (or perhaps make him small if there are no monsters, and he is too big to enter something). They can also give him keys or other items. Perhaps some NPC does this freely, while other require him to trade an item (perhaps a fruit?), or make a promise, or provide some info to the NPC or answer a question or take some kind of test.

Breakable walls

Walls that can be broken (in one way or another) in order for Tux to enter into that area. Could be a area which are necessary to be visited or could just be a secret place. A similar concept exists in the game Sonic the Hedgehog where Sonic can break walls by rolling into them.

Who the [censored] is sonic? There are weak blocks.

Dynamic environment

Perhaps a dynamic environment would be cool where the level reacts/interacts with Tux. Example; in forest levels there are trees, and in the trees there are eyes or holes in the tree with eyes in and the eyes are watching in the direction Tux is.

Alternative character

A playable alternative character, maybe a secret character that can only be played by using a cheat code or unlocking the char by winning something of doing some impressive feet.

He is quite the opposite of Tux with a complete different personality, instead of a cute little hero, this guy is an antihero (like Spawn or Batman), hes eye glows green or something, he puts everything in its path on fire and make the level a living inferno, hes very fast, strong, malicious, fearful and aggressive. Annihilating anything in his path, leaving only a trail of destruction behind. Maybe he could be a sorcerer and have vast powers of magic, maybe a spell wand. A real badass that roars like a tiger, arrr!

  • In Sonic games, player can play Tales, Amy, Shadow, etc...
  • In Mario games there are many different Yoshi's, and mushroom, princess, Luigi, Wario, etc...

Playing a cute little dragon would be cool too! :D

In the sea

In SVN version, you can travel with boat across the seas. Maybe there could be;

  • An iceberg or something.
  • A whirlpool / maelstrom.
  • A sea monster like a sea snake, or Nessie or a hydra with many heads.
    • Sounds like a boss for a non-existent (as of now :-) water world.
      • Well, it would be nice if there were obstacles between islands. A small water miniboss would be a good idea.