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(Taken from data/intro.txt)

Penny gets captured!

Tux and Penny were out having a nice picnic on the ice fields of Antarctica. Suddenly, a creature jumped from behind an ice bush, there was a flash, and Tux fell asleep!

When Tux wakes up, he finds that Penny is missing. Where she lay before now lies a letter. "Tux, my arch enemy!" says the letter. "I have captured your beautiful Penny and have taken her to my fortress. The path to my fortress is littered with my minions. Give up on the thought of trying to reclaim her, you haven't a chance! -Nolok"

Tux looks and see Nolok's fortress in the distance. Determined to save his beloved Penny, he begins his journey.


Part II

As Tux runs from the Yeti monster, he sees a ship. The monster is gaining, and the ship is leaving. Tux only has one chance... he gets on his belly and slides as fast as he can. Tux gets massive "Air Time" as he flies off the iceberg, Yeti in persuit. He screames "I'm coming, Penny!" as he lands on the ship with his belly. As he turns around, he sees the Yeti tumbling down in to the ocean...

Proposed story for future worlds

This section is just some brainstorming ideas for future worlds that may or may not exist.

Tropical Island

Tux goes to a tropical island after the forest keep. He goes through many levels and finds Nolok's base camp, which is by a port leading to world 4. There, Tux finds a giant snake which he fights.


Tux finds the Helicopter that Nolok took Penny in but there is no one there. So, Tux heads off to find Nolok's Hideout, Tux looks around and sees nothing but 16 metal\concrete platforms. Tux finds out that he must pull a lever on each of these to raise (uncover?) Nolok's Hidden fortress.


After Nolok flees with Penny out of his ocean hideaway, he ends up in a vast Grassland area. It seems to be easier than the previous two worlds as Tux can see the castle in the distance, but when he gets there he finds a number of doors each containing many hazards. He must enter each one to press some (ropes/levers/buttons) to bridge some huge "security" gaps in Nolok's main room. Again, Tux just misses Penny, but finds a new note from her telling him something that will aid him in the next world.