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Welcome to the SuperTux Community Discussion! Here you may talk about anything related to SuperTux or this wiki. To make a comment, click on the edit button on the top of the page.


Level 24

Hey I just recently found your game and am stuck at level 24... I guess that there have to be blocks behind the water texture but I have no idea on how to figuere where are these... and I doubt it just comes to luck there. What am I missing? mfg DJGummikuh

Just look closely and you will see there are single blocks to step on. You might want to ask on the [ fansite forums] next time you need help, you'll get more responses there. --FlyingPenguins 22:35, 29 Jul 2006 (BST)

Wiki external links

This is just a note: I have realised that on the wiki, whenever an anon or normal user edits a page with external links on it, it will be without the "" part, essentially breaking the link. This can be troublesome for a page with lots of links on it. Sysops will then have to fill back the links.

Also, just a suggestion, maybe it would be a good idea to upgrade this version of MediaWiki, to prevent any security vulnerabilities. --FlyingPenguins 22:47, 29 Jul 2006 (BST)

I would upgrade if the MySQL version of wasn't too old. This have been discussed in #supertux and there is [ a berlios bug] for it. Also [ this bug about php not available on] blocks the update. --AnMaster 00:21, 30 Jul 2006 (BST)

Supertux being sold?!

Has anybody else noticed that SuperTux is being sold at ClickGamer? The porters site is located here; Seems to also have made a one level demo available. While I know that the GPL permits this, I can't stand people it. I was planning to create a Pocket PC port before I found this. We should be able to get the source from this shouldn't we?

You can download a Pocket PC Binary there. They call it a demo. Anyway, its a binary based on our GPL Code. As fas as I understand the GPL they have to give the source to everyone who has a Binary. -- 15:03, 2 Aug 2006 (BST)