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Welcome to the SuperTux Community Discussion! Here you may talk about anything related to SuperTux or this wiki. To make a comment, click on the edit button on the top of the page.


Level 24

Hey I just recently found your game and am stuck at level 24... I guess that there have to be blocks behind the water texture but I have no idea on how to figuere where are these... and I doubt it just comes to luck there. What am I missing? mfg DJGummikuh

Just look closely and you will see there are single blocks to step on. You might want to ask on the [ fansite forums] next time you need help, you'll get more responses there. --FlyingPenguins 22:35, 29 Jul 2006 (BST)

Wiki external links

This is just a note: I have realised that on the wiki, whenever an anon or normal user edits a page with external links on it, it will be without the "http://" part, essentially breaking the link. This can be troublesome for a page with lots of links on it. Sysops will then have to fill back the links.

Also, just a suggestion, maybe it would be a good idea to upgrade this version of MediaWiki, to prevent any security vulnerabilities. --FlyingPenguins 22:47, 29 Jul 2006 (BST)

I would upgrade if the MySQL version of wasn't too old. This have been discussed in #supertux and there is a berlios bug for it. Also this bug about php not available on blocks the update. --AnMaster 00:21, 30 Jul 2006 (BST)

Supertux being sold?!

Has anybody else noticed that SuperTux is being sold at ClickGamer? The porters site is located here; Seems to also have made a one level demo available. While I know that the GPL permits this, I can't stand people it. I was planning to create a Pocket PC port before I found this. We should be able to get the source from this shouldn't we?

You can download a Pocket PC Binary there. They call it a demo. Anyway, its a binary based on our GPL Code. As fas as I understand the GPL they have to give the source to everyone who has a Binary. -- 15:03, 2 Aug 2006 (BST)
Is it possible to build the binary with the source included in the demo's .zip file?
No idea, but looks like they did not change the level format. So why not create a package from the demo which includes all levels for free? Can someone with the right hardware test if that works? --Superdev 16:08, 2 Aug 2006 (BST)