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Tux.getCoins or whatever

I searched the scripting reference and i cannot find a method to get the amount of coins wich the player owns. also, if possible, the currenst state of tux (fire , small or ice).

True, there is currently no way to get either of those. (though you can add bonuses and coins) What would you use the information for? --Mathnerd314 00:21, 25 August 2009 (UTC)
That is sad. I would like to implement a shop or something like that.
To make a shop work, you'd have to implement even more stuff to use with scripting, why not start with a function to get Tux's abount of cash?
Just want it to be on a single level. And btw i was originally asked for something to get Tux's abount of cash(already).

Help! (On the level Kneep Deep in the Depth)

Can anyone give a solution to the dilemna of the rising lava and finding the secret "ride" on it? Yes, I have spent many hours (3-4) on it to no avail. Please help!!!

Tux needs to run up very quickly once he has pushed the switch. (It helps to have destroyed all the enemies with the fireflower on the way down). All I'll say is to go up as high as you can go. (You should reach just below where you came in.) What happens after that should be self-explanatory.
Once you reach the two wooden platforms by the fireballs, wait for the lava to come up and it will push the platforms. The lava will stop after a while, at that point find the exit on the right.

How to draw Supertux or Badguys

With wich programs were the Figures drawed ? Could anyone write a Tutorial how to draw Supertux or badguys probaply with the GIMP ?

Psychological Effects

Hi! I often get angry because when I play a level and die, I have to begin (nearly) from the start. I think it would be better to place more bells in the levels. I think so you might get more players... What do you think about placing more bells in the levels? In return we should arise the number of coins, which are detached if tux dies.

Bob: Personally, I appreciate Supertux's current difficulty. To be more exact, I love it. Don't give up, just keep trying ;) --Nummer9 16:49, 13 October 2007 (UTC)

Marijn: I agree with Bob. You just need to take some more time. And being angry if not going to help anyway, so if you become angry from gaming, just stop and try again later :)

Nummer9 / Marjin: I'm not the original poster, but I think it's worth reminding people games are supposed to be *fun*, and that a difficulty level that is fun for one person is frustrating to another. Good game design accommodates both. If you look at Mario Brothers, generally speaking there is a relatively easy way through each level, and then there are harder, but not compulsory sections for more advanced players that reveal secrets. This way everyone is *challenged* (creating fun) without hitting impassable barriers (=not fun!). Right now the difficulty level in *most* of SuperTux allows for both. There are a few parts pretty early on though, that force new players into overly difficult "one mistake and you instantly die" situations. "Entrance to the Cave" is a classic example of this. Large sections of fiddly, fall-to-your-death-instantly areas, that make repeat large sections from the level beginning every single time. Even just putting a save point just before the parts people die at repeatedly (like just before the icicles drop in this case) would make the game more fun. Even when you can do a part of a level, doing it repeatedly, over and over to get to where you're dying each time just gets boring. I say this as someone who's been playing videogames since they were first invented (yes, I remember Space Invaders being released) and as an ex beta tester in a commercial games house. By now I like to think that I'm a decent gamer and should be able to get through most reasonable levels easily enough. Most of Supertux's levels are well laid out and fun. There are *some* areas though that have *design flaws* making them overly difficult. The only way to improve this is to listen to users and fix the flaws. This isn't even necessarily making the game easier. Just less repetitious. </rant> OK, I'm off to have another go at compiling the Supertux level editor (and to long for the day it's available in Ubuntu's repositories). Peace all.

End of Earth Series

Hi, I was able to achieve the 1st and 4th key, but I can't find a way to find the other keys, or even a way past the "Under Construction" map! Has this not been finished yet? Thanks for helping --Bob

You need to get the third key in the Forest World, those levels are shown as keys on the map. Then in the "Under Construction" level, the stomp with key on it will open and reveal you a path

And actually, if you look at what "Under Construction" means, you might see that it's hinted that it's not quite finished. --Julius_Freezer 04:00, 25 June 2009 (UTC)

Website update?

I've built supertux from svn and saw all the great updates you guys have done. Don't you believe it's about time to let the world know a bit about it? Just like, let's say, a little piece of news with one or two screenshots on the front page, telling "we're not dead". Because I really thought supertux was a dying project, before managing to compile svn version. --polyprograms 17:15, 4 Sep 2006 (BST)

(note: sorry, I had to break links to be able to edit)

Speed issue

Hello. My SuperTux 0.1 is good, but my SuperTux 0.3 is slow. How I make to increase the speed of the game supertux? Thank you

Make sure your computer got hardware acceleration for OpenGL. How to check for that depends on what operating system you use (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and so on). On Linux you run the command "glxinfo | grep -i direct" (without quotes), in a terminal. It should return something like "direct rendering: Yes", the important part being the "yes". On Windows I don't know, maybe someone else can help you. If you don't have hardware acceleration for OpenGL you won't be able to use SuperTux 0.3. --AnMaster 18:48, 14 September 2007 (UTC)

I too had noticed this issue. I have an old Laptop with just 256 MB or RAM. It could run supertux 0.1 smoothly but it cannot run supertux 0.3.x. The laptop is capable of running some 3-d games like NFS 2 and Spiderman-1 (yes, the lap is old!). So why can't supertux have a low-graphics version as a trade-off for performance?

Level 24

Hey I just recently found your game and am stuck at level 24... I guess that there have to be blocks behind the water texture but I have no idea on how to figure where are these... and I doubt it just comes to luck there. What am I missing? mfg DJGummikuh

Just look closely and you will see there are single blocks to step on. You might want to ask on the fansite forums next time you need help, you'll get more responses there. --FlyingPenguins 22:35, 29 Jul 2006 (BST)

Wiki external links

This is just a note: I have realised that on the wiki, whenever an anon or normal user edits a page with external links on it, it will be without the "http: //" part, essentially breaking the link. This can be troublesome for a page with lots of links on it. Sysops will then have to fill back the links.

Also, just a suggestion, maybe it would be a good idea to upgrade this version of MediaWiki, to prevent any security vulnerabilities. --FlyingPenguins 22:47, 29 Jul 2006 (BST)

I would upgrade if the MySQL version of wasn't too old. This have been discussed in #supertux and there is a berlios bug for it. Also [http :// this bug about php not available on] blocks the update. --AnMaster 00:21, 30 Jul 2006 (BST)

Supertux being sold?!

Has anybody else noticed that SuperTux is being sold at ClickGamer? The porters site is located here; Seems to also have made a one level demo available. While I know that the GPL permits this, I can't stand people it. I was planning to create a Pocket PC port before I found this. We should be able to get the source from this shouldn't we?

You can download a Pocket PC Binary there. They call it a demo. Anyway, its a binary based on our GPL Code. As fas as I understand the GPL they have to give the source to everyone who has a Binary. -- 15:03, 2 Aug 2006 (BST)
Is it possible to build the binary with the source included in the demo's .zip file?
No idea, but looks like they did not change the level format. So why not create a package from the demo which includes all levels for free? Can someone with the right hardware test if that works? --Superdev 16:08, 2 Aug 2006 (BST)
Just tested it on my PPC. All original SuperTux 0.1.3 levels work with the provided "demo" engine.
Seems like the source code included with the "demo" engine is only for the original, unaltered versions. This is in direct violation of the GPL which forbids linking GPLed code with proprietary code.
Not necessarily. They just have to give you the source if you ask for it, they don't have to ship it with the binary. So ask for it and if you don't get the source hand it over to

BTW, my_defs.cpp does not look like original supertux code so better check again.

I think that the GPL is much more strict than that. I think it is against the license to modify the sources, and distribute those modifications without those modifications also falling under the GPL. Since those modifications apparently fall under a commercial license, it is already a GPL violation. By his own admittance, it is a derivative work. --Tuxdev 22:15, 4 Aug 2006 (BST)
No. The GPL allows for reselling GPLed software for profit. How else would people get away with selling pre-burned Linux CDs and DVDs? I know it sounds twisted, but there's nothing we can do. --DJ WingsFreesyle here 17:48, 10 Aug 2006 (BST)
The GPL says that you can sell GPL software for money, but only physically (on CD, not on the net).
Yes, the GPL allows selling GPLed software, but it clearly states that all derivative work must be distributed under the GPL, not any other license (the "commercial license", the website in question mentions).
The fishy part about all this is "Commercial part of license covers work and time spent to change source code and other resources to make SuperTux playable on Pocket PC platform.", if that commercial part goes into the binary and no source code is provided its a clear violation, otherwise its fine. -- Grumbel 06:31, 8 Aug 2006 (BST)
The GPL in section 2 part b says, "You must cause any work that you distribute or publish, that in whole or part contains or is derived from the Program or any part thereof, to be licensed as a whole at no charge to all third parties under the terms of this License." or in English, "If you make a program out of this one, it has to be licensed under the GPL only."
Since they're charging money for all of it except the demo (and they're not distributing the source with it), not to mention they're selling it as a download and not a CD, this is a violation. Course of action? Someone should make them aware of this, a "cease-and-desist" email if nothing else. By the way, check this out: GNUs fighting back!--DJ WingsFreesyle here 17:04, 24 Sep 2006 (BST)
I can see no problem with that. All the source code is included in the /supertux/qvgadata/distr/st_src.tar.bz2 so everyone can download it and play for free. Is there any other problem? --member of
That is fine to me as long as you a. relicense what you have done to GPL, and b. clearly advertise where the source is on your website. Even better would be to let us keep a SVN repository, then you become an unofficial official maintainer of it, or merge it with main ST using #ifdef wherever. --Tuxdev 17:51, 25 Sep 2006 (BST)

To answer a few questions from above:

  • You do not need to put modifications of GPL'ed software under the GPL if you only use it internally. As soon as publish it, you need to.
  • You can sell the game over whatever medium you like.
  • You do not need to include the source code with the binary distribution, but you must provide a written offer for the source code, licenced under the GPL, via the same medium. In this case, a download.
  • Only a copyright holder is able to send a cease and desist. This means i can not send them any. Neither can Harald of I am sure he will be more than happy to help you guys, send one, though. Each and everyone of you devs: Get together, contact Harald and make 'oldray' an unhappy dev.

If you have questions, get hold of me on -- RichiH 23:10, 25 Sep 2006 (BST) Anyone willing to buy this up and distribute it for free?

Another SuperTux Copy?

There may be another copy, Fuzzyland Adventures. He (magnuslundsted) seems to deny forking the code of SuperTux, but does (at least) use sound and graphics from SuperTux without credit. This might actually be a fork of Milestone 1? Is found at

 : I've played the game and don't see any graphics taken from supertux. I also don't think that he used the supertux source code since it lacks features supertux already has like save games. The guy said somewhere that it's a port of an old java project of his but I can't find it right now. If you still mistrust the guy ask him here personally I think your just jumping at ghosts.
Magnus has repeatedly been on the SuperTux IRC channel, presenting alpha builds of what was then called "Wasteland". Moreover, it is written in Java - unlike SuperTux, which is in C/C++, so I am 100% sure it's no ripoff, even featuring some nice concepts of its own. According to what he told us on IRC, though, the font is the same as the one SuperTux uses, hence the confusion. -- 21:50, 1 Nov 2006 (CET)

SuperTux graphics for other projects

Hi, I'm making a game whose only relation to SuperTux is that it features a penguin. Now, I'm not an artist, so I wondered if I could use the main SuperTux graphic, with modifications (like a collander for a helmet!) in my game. The game itself will be available online, it's a small HTML/CSS/JavaScript thing involving a penguin being fired out of a cannon (think like Fling The Cow, as was)

I just wanted to ask before I went ahead with it.


Peter Spicer

(Sorry, had to break the links to allow me to post the entry - if I could have posted without affecting them, I would have done)

I am not a developer, but since no one has responded for a while, I would like to say that you generally can use anything in the game and modify it, since the game is open-source (as long as you're not copying everything). It would be nice if you could credit SuperTux and the author of the graphics though. Still, wait until a developer responds before continuing.
BTW, I fixed the link. :) --FlyingPenguins 07:33, 30 Sep 2006 (CEST)
Please do not "fix" links in any article users might want to modify! This is really annoying for anyone who wants to help... -- 14:46, 30 Sep 2006 (CEST)
Read the licence. If you use anything from supertux, the result will be GPLed.

A Glitch

I had 0 lives, died, and quickly aborted the level, and survived with -1 lives.

I'll have to substract one point from your overall score for only re-reporting the second bug on the Bugs page. Try to get the first one next time... -- 13:54, 29 Oct 2006 (CET)
Sorry about that.

-STOP ARGUING- Yes, I have seen the superburger world on sourceforge. when all of you start arguing about it, its a disgrace supertux is OPEN SOURCE, meaning you can edit the source as you please then sell it if you want i suppose, but not call it original work. super burger world said that it was based off supertux. they aren't going to give you the source code, basic editor, and SVN access if its NOT open source. SO just stop arguing. as long as a "copy of supertux" gives credit to supertux, then its fine!

Oh, maaan... Here we go again... First off, this is NOT the place for something like that! Look UP. Second off, we already worked out a compromise. It's even on our Wikipedia article. It's a month old already, so get OVER it. --DJ WingsFreesyle here 15:34, 5 Nov 2006 (CET)


I've just installed Supertux on Vista (final) and it runs like...well...slow as ice.:) What could be the reason? I installed the latest Nvidia drivers which did not help at all. BTW, before you go crazy on me, I am only testing Vista for my pleasure. -- 15:19, 6 Jan 2007 (CET) Windows Vista May Degrade OpenGL

I have Supertux working just fine on Vista, both MS1 and 1.9. Which version are you using? Also, how old is your machine?

I have Vista Ultimate x64 & x86, Nvidia Forceware 158.24 , supertux 0.1.3, 0.3.0 and svn works idealy. Is what you version of drivers? This Machine is not old, because Nvidia drivers intall only on GeForce 6100 or better...


I've found a game on called Super Michael (, which is exactly the same as supertux 0.1.3, except for the name, story and version number (1.1.3 instead of 0.1.3), and Michael Gravestone (the "developer") takes full credit!!! He even claims that it's his "original idea"!

Looks like a massive joe job against Ultra-Software. Or can you be that stupid?
Taking a know GPL software, removing some of the original copyright messages and uploading it on sourceforge under MPL is a obvious violation of GPL. Giving a URL to a non existing directory at Ultra-Software's homepage in the documentation and adding some hints in the credits that you are the founder of above-named company is either really really stupid or an attempt to hurt that company. At least that are the two options I can think about, maybe its something else in reality.
That page lists user "candycrisis" as the sole developer. Other projects by this user include several projects also mentioned on the company's website, so it really seems like we are dealing with the latter case. As for whether claiming authorship of code provided to you under the GPL license results in termination of the license, the answer is - without any doubt - yes. In fact, this is a problem so severe that included it in their list of frequently asked questions, ("What are common mistakes?" [...] "Using standard boilerplate text which claims the entire software is (C) Copyright OurCompany. This is obviously not fully true if you use Free Software copyrighted by 3rd parties in the product."). As stated in the GPL, violation of one of the license's terms automatically revokes grant of the license, so continuing distribution of this derivative work is in direct violation of both US copyright laws and international laws. Did anybody contact the author on this issue yet? -- 23:50, 8 July 2007 (UTC)
It doesn't look like we're the only ones he's ripped off without giving credit. His full list of "products" are here. They look all to be direct rip-offs of existing open source products. I quote:
"Most of my products use Open Source Solutions from other developers..." [2]
He also ripped off Candy Crisis. Actually, he's even worse there: "Candy Crisis is Not Free Software!" I'm sending him an email, will update here if I hear any more.

Horray! Looks like I got him to stop. He sent me this email back:

> The SuperTux Hack has been removed.... However, I AM THE ORIGINAL DEVELOPER

> OF CANDY CRISIS AND HAVE BEEN SINCE 1992... My Candy Crisis has been Open

> Source since 1998, The Original Candy Crisis was created using MingW GCC

> Then later last year transported to Dev-C++ IDE as well as Visual Studio

> 2005... I have removed your SuperTux Files leave my other projects alone.

> Sincerely, Michael

...Hopefully that's the last of him. -- Chris Webber (paroneayea)

How to Remove SuperTux?

I installed SuperTux on my Ubuntu 7.04 system using the command: sudo apt-get install supertux

How do I remove or uninstall SuperTux, please?

sudo apt-get remove supertux
Or use synaptic. The effect is the same but thats the Win^wUbuntu way of doing it. Why read documentation for your operating system? You just typed a command because somebody on the internet told you to?

No need to take that tone with someone who may not be familiar with the command line. At least you have a noob using Ubuntu Linux!

How to delete saves

I need to delete all the save files for SuperTux. A search for "supertux" reveals several folders and files, none of which seem to be related to save files. I've tried reinstalling. I have Ubuntu 7.04.

Well, I use Fedora, so for you it's likely somewhat different, but it's probably similar. For Fedora or Fedora Core, go to your home directory. Then open the folder ".supertux", then go to "save". There should be 5 files entitled "slot1.stsg", "slot2.stsg", "slot3.stsg", "slot4.stsg", and "slot5.stsg". These are the save files. Delete them to remove the saved games.
Since SuperTux works the same for all distros, these instructions apply for Ubuntu. Or, you could remove it *completely* (via Synaptic), which deletes config files as well. --DJ WingsFreesyle here: N0 PH33R 18:22, 12 July 2007 (UTC)
No, it does not. Data files in the user's home directory are not removed when deleting the application. You won't lose all your documents when removing latex. --~~~~

OpenAL32.dll error on Windows Vista

If you're running SuperTux 0.3.0 on Vista then you may have gotten this error:

The entrance point of procedure alcGetString is untraceable in the dynamic-link library OpenAL32.dll

Well here is your fix for running SuperTux on Windows Vista. Simply download (automatic install) this version of OpenAL and SuperTux should run fine!

SuperTux OpenAL32.dll (Direct Download Link)

Good to know that it runs on Vista. However, the download page for MS2 already notes (in bold lettering) that you might have to get OpenAL, so we won't make any large official note out of this (except maybe an entry in the SuperTux FAQ if many people ask us about this error). Thanks for giving us the exact wording, though! ~~Ravu 15:07, 1 October 2007 (UTC)

Sorry, but the fix isn´t fixing anything for me.

How do you play on Windows keyboards?

Hi, I really like SuperTux since I played it on a friend's MacBook; but I don't know how to play on Windows XP, since all keyboards I use don't support the simultan pressing of Ctrl-Right-Space (running and jumping), so I can't even win the first stage. Does anyone know what to do? // Tuxman

In 0.3 "Options-Setup Keyboard" does the same as "Options-Setup Keyboard" in 0.1. Is it that hard to find?
... but which key configurations work? // Tuxman
I use Alt Gr as run. -- Yaniel

Limiting new features

Hello, I want to come with a friendly suggestion: limit new features for next version of SuperTux. I haven´t checked the SVN version, and I can´t code, so maybe it´s a bit wrong of me to say this. I just feel that the next milestome is... miles away, if you see what I mean, so to get it finished it may be wise to not make it too complicated. But I really appreciate what you do, I think I´d gone a bit impatient in the last days. Good luck.

A new level-exchange on this site

Wouldn't it be nice, to have a level-exchange on this site. I know that there is another one on the fansite, but I thought of a different exchange... You should have the possibility to describe your own levels. When you click on the EDIT-button, you can comment the level.

Whats wrong with ? No need to reinvent the wheel here.
I think the authors should present their levels more than on It should be possible to show other users some pictures of the level. So you can describe it step by step and draw the attention of some aspects which are really good. The developer team could get new ideas for the next levels of milestone 2 (or 3 ^^). (By the way: I can't register me on this site. I get no mail with my passwort. I also tried to contact the admin, but I get no answer - I don't know why.)
Tried the forum, too. But it claims I got the wrong "Registration code". After some more trial and error I finally managed to get a image wit just numbers. That one worked. Waited a few minutes. No mail so far. Not even in the spam folder. Maybe they create the accounts manually? Ill check it again tomorrow. --Superdev 22:46, 7 January 2008 (UTC)
Mail filter?
Nothing in the spam folder so far. Add nothing in the inbox. I can see my nick in user list but thats all. There is no fun any more. --Superdev 22:37, 14 January 2008 (UTC) What about that?

Squashed fullscreen

I'm using opensuse 10.3 with an ati 2600 hd video card native res 1280x800. I'm using the non free driver distributed by ati (i think). IN full screen mode the display is squashed flat and stretched out sideways with black bars on top and underneath. but in windowed mode it looks normal. i think it was fine before i installed the non free drivers. but at that point my whole system's res was 800x600 (squished the other way)

Break Boxes

I know that it is possible to flame the straw boxes, but which boxes can I break with the ice-attack? An how can I put the boxes in a level made by the editor? I also think that Tux should break boxes with the butt stomp, but it doesn't work!

The ice flower isn't finished yet; currently, it sets straw boxes on fire, too.

SuperTux New Bomb Coding

I'm having problumbs trying to load the new imige files for the bomb sprite on to my mac but when I go to a level with a bomb it says this: Warning: Parse error when trying to load sprite 'images/creatures/mr_bomb/mr_bomb.sprite': Parse Error at 'images/creatures/mr_bomb/mr_bomb.sprite' line 45 Unexpected EOF. Can someone help me?

A Couple Gameplay questions

Hello once more, I've noticed that quite unlike the previous Supertux's behaviour, Tux is able to bounce on a Bad-guy without bouncing back. This will only happen when the jump key is not being held, and when it is not, this seems to happen randomly. Any explanation for this behaviour?

Another question. In the Earth map series, how is it possible to defeat the rat-like Bad-guy? He seems to be protected by armor. Is he even killable at all?


Ways in which 0.1.2 is better than 0.3 (and that's not a typo):

IMHO, of course:

  • the title screen music has better sounding instruments in 0.1.2
  • when you hit your head on a block in 0.3 it looks like your head has become embedded in the block (the effect can be seen on the very first info block)
  • 0.1.2 uses a lower resolution, which makes everything look bigger and more cartoony and hence in my opinion better
  • in 0.1.2 you can speed up the intro rather than being forced to watch it
  • the intro in 0.1.2 actually has a story. The intro in 0.3 is just a camera that moves around in the sky for several aeons with nothing happening, and then moves around on the ground for several aeons with nothing happening, and then suddenly the level starts
  • your remaining lives and your current score are displayed on screen in 0.1.2
  • the rotating coin sprite looks too shiny and computer-rendered in 0.3, and so doesn't fit in so well with the rest of the art, which is all hand drawn

also, things that are stupid in both versions:

  • the death noise is dumb - it sounds like someone slamming a car door

Mr Kite


  • the title screen music has better sounding instruments in 0.1.2
    I believe Wansti remixed the sound; ask him what changed.
  • when you hit your head on a block in 0.3 it looks like your head has become embedded in the block (the effect can be seen on the very first info block)
    Penetration is one of the (unavoidable) effects of our current CD; it's either head in block, or getting collisions with empty air. In most cases, it doesn't last long, since gravity kicks in.
  • 0.1.2 uses a lower resolution, which makes everything look bigger and more cartoony and hence in my opinion better
    Most people think bigger resolutions = better; why HD-TV? We are experimenting with adjustable resolutions in SVN, however.
  • in 0.1.2 you can speed up the intro rather than being forced to watch it
    You can skip the intro by pushing the Escape key.
  • the intro in 0.1.2 actually has a story. The intro in 0.3 is just a camera that moves around in the sky for several aeons with nothing happening, and then moves around on the ground for several aeons with nothing happening, and then suddenly the level starts
    Intro isn't complete; we'll probably rewrite it 2+ more times.
  • your remaining lives and your current score are displayed on screen in 0.1.2
    0.3 doesn't have lives or points; we could probably add them back in.
  • the rotating coin sprite looks too shiny and computer-rendered in 0.3, and so doesn't fit in so well with the rest of the art, which is all hand drawn
    It is true that the coins were computer-generated in 0.3; we could probably change it if we had more people (i.e. Grumbel) agree.
  • the death noise is dumb - it sounds like someone slamming a car door
    SVN has a new noise - the files are at; I think it's hurt.wav but it could be something else.

Please note that the 0.3.x series are development releases - don't expect everything to work smoothly or be complete; some of the above are direct consequences of that. --Mathnerd314 03:00, 5 August 2008 (UTC)

Supertux sprites seen elsewhere

I recently saw the snowball sprite for Supertux as the icon for the Facebook application called "Snowball Fight." I thought that was kind of cool. Cooljeanius 21:13, 1 December 2008 (UTC)

Interesting. Where can I get the sourcecode?

Cheating! on MS vista

Downloaded the cheats I need, (using slot1.stsg), unsure where to put it on Vista in order to play all levels. Any help pls?

No idea what you are talking about. What did you download from where? --Superdev 18:53, 7 March 2009 (UTC)
Probably the savegames at the fan site. You put those in your save directory, which for 0.1.3 and Windows should be <supertux install directory>/.supertux/save. --Mathnerd314 20:09, 8 March 2009 (UTC)
BTW, if you've already played SuperTux, you'll be overwriting the file instead of placing it. And 0.3.1 has a different savegame format, but you can use the console and worldmapfinish() to get them solved anyway.