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SuperTux FAQ/Spoilers

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World 1

Welcome to Antarctica

How do I get past the wall with the "run" sign next to it?

To jump high enough, Tux has to run while jumping.

Arctic Ruins

Why can't I see any blocks to jump on?

There are a few cases where blocks you have to jump on are under water and thus harder to see, maybe adjusting your screen's brightness/gamma level will help.

Ice in the Hole

Where are the secret areas?

One is at the beginning of the level, and the other is embedded in the wall to the left of the second fireflower box.

Bonus Island

Icy Island's bonus level is reached through a teleporter. Try going to the dead end near the bottom right corner and pressing enter.

World 2

Bouncy Coils

How do you use the second trampoline to jump past the cliff?

The trampoline is portable, so just pick it up and move it closer with the action key.

Under Construction (0.3.1)

How do you solve it?

Get the 3 keys hidden on forest island. The key levels have a key of some color instead of a mushroom as their icon. Once you have those, you can go back to "Under Construction", walk around, and something interesting loan modification will happen once you get to the tree stump.

Lights and Magic (0.3.0 Bonus Island)

Getting to it

There's a teleporter somewhere around "Three sheets to the wind," which you can activate by walking around and through it.

Bonus Island I



Old Test collection

Inside The Tree

How do I make the jump at x = 768, y = 5344?

You have to come with a running start from the left, then jump and reverse direction in mid-air. Here is a video of the maneuver.