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Super Tux Smash

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Super Tux Smash

Super Tux Smash would be a mod of the Super Tux Engine for Multiplayer, loosely based on Super Smash Brothers Melee but with some completely different gameplay.

Features needed in the engine

Multiplayer support (having more than one controllable player, eventually maybe network support?)

Colorization of players (so that players could have a red vs blue penguin battle)

All-way scrolling.

Destructible blocks by fireballs.

Intro, Winners podium extro.

Unlimited lives.

Game Modes

Eventual network play team info included.

Deathmatch - Knock the other player(s) off the platforms. Whoever has the least falls wins when time is up. Free for all.

Coin Collect - Collect as many coins as possible while avoiding/harrasing the other player(s). Whoever has the most coins wins when time is up. <4 teams, multiple players or free for all.

Capture the Flag - Get the flag of the other player(s)/team(s) to your flag. Whoever has the most touches wins when time is up. <4 teams, multiple players.

Zone Control - Touch platforms to "paint" them. Whoever has the most platforms of their color wins when time is up. <4 teams, multiple players.

Soccer - Use a Bouncy Snowball as a soccer ball and have goals at either side of the (closed) level. Still have platforms and powerups. Whoever has the most goals wins when time is up. 2 teams, multiple players


Instead of having Question Blocks, have balloons which occasionally float up from the bottom of the screen. Powerups include:

Grow - break thru platforms from side or bottom when grown. Also less vulnerable to jump attack. Fire flower - instant death (respawn) to opponent when hit, break platforms. Ice flower - freeze opponent for 5 seconds. Umbrella - float farther, slower. Rocket pack - WASD movement for 15 seconds, fireflower ability. Balloon - some balloons would be empty but allow you to float. All balloons would pop when hitting a platform or player. There might also be tied balloons which don't pop but you have to jump across fast due to jiggling. Magnet - allows you to grab onto the bottom of platforms and move along them. Spiky shell - invulnerability for 30 seconds


Peck - run up to opponents to peck them - this can knock them off the platform. Jump attack - instant death to non-grown opponents. Spin attack - instant death to all opponents. Powerups - above.

Design Issues

Need vertical, multi platform based levels. Physics-based platforms (ala Gish) would be nice. Underwater levels would be nice. Seesaws and Trampolines could be important. Could use some enemies like the jumpy spiky, fish etc. Would be nice to have some new ones like:

Anvils (drop from the sky once in a while, break platforms) Arrows, Rockets, or Chompers (come from the sides if you get too close to edges) Rockets could also launch from the bottom once in a while.

For big (scrolling) levels, teleports (w/ directional arrows and random ones) and/or a minimap would be nice.

Bottoms of levels should be water, lava, spikes, or void.


Comments should be posted here or directed to zratchet -at- gmail -dot- com