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Development Only Cheats

IMHO, cheat codes should be used as a development tool only. If the majority votes for allowing players to cheat, there should at least be some kind of punishment for cheating, for example: No statistics, limited cutscenes, a big fat label saying "CHEATER!" in a place where everyone can see it, all of the above, something like that. - Wansti

I disagree with Wansti. Yes, the cheats should be a development tool only, but people can play how they play it. We have no right to control how they play. -Anonymous
Developers have every right to do so. They write the code. Unless you pay them they do as they want.
There's no need to get hostile. Sure developers can do whatever they want, but I agree that people have a right to play however they want. All it takes is downloading the source code and removing the restrictions, so why spend time (resources) putting them there to begin with? -- Qwood (contribs) (talk) 04:04, 7 June 2011 (UTC)

Funny Cheats

I think there should be some funny cheats, or gimmiks, like play Beastie or Konqi. This is of no advantage to the player, just abit of hidden fun. - Tux the Penguin

We already got some of these.
Where? --AnMaster 21:00, 31 Jul 2006 (BST)
do_cheer() in ScriptingPlayer is probably consolized. I'm not sure it actually works yet. --Tuxdev 21:11, 31 Jul 2006 (BST)
do_cheer() is meant for when finding a key. In the console you can reach it using sector.Tux.do_cheer() Currently it does a backflip, it will be changed --AnMaster 21:15, 31 Jul 2006 (BST)
Why do you think it's called hidden? Not much of a secret if it were in this wiki. --Superdev 22:39, 31 Jul 2006 (BST)
Because I'm unaware of any such secret and couldn't find any in the code. --AnMaster 23:35, 31 Jul 2006 (BST)


I get this error:

sam@PAL:~$ supertux --debug-mode
[/home/sam/.supertux2] is in the search path
[/usr/share/games/supertux] is in the search path
Invalid button '0' in buttonmap
Invalid button '1' in buttonmap
Warning: Unknown option '--debug-mode'. Use --help to see a list of options
Using random seed 1199386134, from time().

That option is for 0.1.x (milestone 1) not for 0.3.x (milestone 1.9/milestone2). And you are using a 0.3.x version. --AnMaster 14:47, 4 January 2008 (UTC)

Broken? (2)

I get this error : Error: I could not load the icon image: ./ The Simple DirectMedia error that occured was: Couldn't open ./