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I'm starting to wonder if we really want pixel-perfect collision detection. It's relatively slow and I'm not sure in what way that makes the game better, did you really have a situation where you said: "Hey this enemy didn't really hit me, it was still 2 pixels away!"

About the polygonal ideas, I'm rethinking them again at the moment, maybe it's enough to just have a set of some basic tiletypes in different shapes as proposed by grumbel:


- Matze

I think having angled tiles for map construction is a good thing, but the physics behind how they work should be based on a polygonal model so that everything acts in a convincing and consistent manner. We're probably going to need to implement proper friction if we want slopes to work well, too, especially with the sliding maneuver. - Nathan

I just beat all 26 levels of milestone 1 and I was frequently frustrated with the collision detection. I *did* notice situations where I was 2 pixels away from an enemy and was trying to jump out of the way. Pixel perfect detection isn't that hard to do, and if its just on tux it won't be that slow. Only use it if the bounding boxes detect a collision first, than use pixel perfect to make certain. I think most of my frustration was when I hit an enemy from the side first and I died. You should beable to still squash an enemy if you're hitting it above it's vertical halfway point and you have some horizontal momentum. I guess that might be a matter of taste. - Daemious