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To make the contribution page better, there should be an enumeration of supertux goals, small projects that can be worked on by users. With this technique if a user sees a project that they think they can handle, they can put their name next to it, when they are done they can contribute a patch. If the patch is approved the goal is elminated from the list. As it is, though, it is difficult to tell exactly what needs to be done to complete Milestone 2. For example, the page says users can contribute sprites. What sprites? For what badguys/tiles? It says contribute code. For what badguys/bug fixes, etc? Also, there is no way to tell if someone else is already working on a specific project. I think that the contribution page needs to be more specific. Implementing such changes would probably speed up the work on Supertux Milestone II. NathanKP

Oh, forgot another thing. There should be also be listed level projects. What levels need to be created? Are more levels needed for island 1? What about island 2? What kinds of levels? NathanKP


How could I contubute by translating SuperTux? --Airon90 (msg)
Please, contact me there :)