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For all the sounds we have, I think we should edit the Vorbis comments accordingly to be able to discern what was made by who. The music is mostly done. ~~Ravu 20:05, 4 Jan 2007 (CET)

Instead of just putting "made by self", etc, please put which licence(s) you would like to release the file under. I would recommend using GPLv2 + CC-by-sa where possible. - Sik0fewl 20:52, 4 Jan 2007 (CET)

If I contribute something to a GPL project (eg by sending it to a project member or or uploading it myself) doesn't that automatically make my stuff GPL, too? So why add it again?
No, there's nothing "automatic" about it. It is usually assumed, though. However, the GPL doesn't really apply to media (it was written for code), so it's not as easy to make this assumption. It is possible that someone donated a sound/music created by themselves, but they only want it to be used by the SuperTux project and by no-one else. It is good to be clear on this issue; it will save us this sort of trouble in the future. Also, additionally releasing it under the CC-by-sa licence (if you choose to), makes your intent much clearer. For example, the GPL isn't really clear on whether or not your project has to be GPL if you include GPL'd media.
As an example of why this is important, some files committed by me (noted by sommer on the 'article' page) were made for this project, but they were actually based on existing sounds in SuperTux that we don't know the source of. Because of this we don't know what licence the files are under so we will have to recreate them. I had to look at 2 year old emails just to find out that we don't know the exact source of the files. - sik0fewl (not logged in)