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Add your comments and enhancement requests here. Download page is locked to avoid someone placing trojans there. (This is not a place for bugreports here for that use Bugs). You should add links/instructions to supertux packages here that you want to see listed on the main download page.

SuperTux 0.1.3 for Mac OS X

Could you also post the xcode project for this or how you compiled it?

Mac OS Version

Is someone working on a Mac distribution. I tried to install all of the required packages repeatedly, but somehow my vorbis installation is messed up. I have tried reinstalling it and it doesn't let me compile the source. I would really like to play the new levels, but I am entirely dependent on someone else compiling a binary. Thank you to whoever that kind soul is.

Install supertux 0.1.3 on Mac OS X. HowTo:

This is probably not the best solution around but at least I got a working supertux 0.1.3 now :-) Do this (You should now how to handle the Terminal and even better Fink, otherwise better wait for a package:

Get the source and untar it.
Install Fink ([1])
in Terminal install the following binaries through Fink:
%fink install sdl
%fink install sdl-image
%fink install sdl-mixer

then go to your untared copy of supertux and do this:
%./configure --disable-opengl

once everything is compiled, go to the src directory inside your supertux directory and type in Termianl:
./supertux -d ../data/

Now it should be working!

PS: OpenGL is not enabled in this mode. Didn't work, had compiling errors with that. There are probably ways to have a package that works like 0.1.2 but I have no clue how to compile SDL and everything into one directory. If someone can do that, go ahead.

Downloading the OSX Univeral Binary

Every time I try to download the OSX UB, it tells me the server is too full. Is it jus extremely crowded or something?