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Remove the Debian/Ubuntu header!

Ubuntu doesn't have the stable version of SuperTux anymore. Until the situation is clarified, remove the header, or at least add a warning notice.

Done, added warning on 0.3.0 download page. You should've posted this under the Milestone 1.9 download talk though, it would make more sense. --FlyingPenguins 04:57, 14 February 2007 (UTC)

Supertux on GameCube

Looks like they ported Supertux on cube, look:

Mac OS X

It is Mac OS X, not Mac OS/X. OS/X sounds awfully like OS/2.

GNU/Linux? SCNR.

PC-BSD port

There is also a PC-BSD port of Supertux; see Please add it to the list.

Supertux on Ubuntu

Actually, ubuntu 7.04feisty has both "supertux" and "supertux-stable" packages

 (i.e. 0.3.0 and 0.1.3 versions).

Debian has "supertux" (which is stable 0.1.3) and the 'experimental' release

 has the new version of supertux ...