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Some comments

Why is hitbox in .sprite called 'hitbox', when all I want is affect the offset/hotspot of the sprite and why should I supply a width/height parameters when I don't need them? hitbox and offset should really be two seperate concepts in a .sprite file.

  • It's one and the same concept engine-wise. A sprite's anchor point is always the top left corner of its hitbox. Aligning sprites is impossible without knowing the logical width and height of a sprite, so these are also always needed. Using the physical width when an offset is applied leads to undesired alignment.

If stuff kills Tux it would actually be usefull if it looks deadly, which most stuff simply doesn't (I mean you spike tiles...).

  • I think the spikes fit the cartoonish look of the game perfectly. There's meaner-looking versions in the trunk, even gory versions, but they just don't fit.

Difficulty, some of the current SuperTux levels that Ikaruga look like a game for kiddies... there really needs to be done *A LOT* to make SuperTux playable again. It would be nice to put a bit of fun back into SuperTux, currently its a frustrating mess.

  • Making hard levels easier is simply a matter of widening platforms and removing badguys; making easy levels harder is much more difficult. So most of the levels in the trunk are harder than they have to be.

Is there a way to load a sprite without having a sprite file? If not, why not? Writing the same boring sprite syntax over and over again is both error prone and relativly useless.

  • Using a plain picture and guessing a sprite's properties might be OK for a few sprites, but most really need the extra information.