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This talk page is meant for discussion of the content on the Main Page.

It is not a general discussion page for SuperTux or SuperTux Wiki.

Ok, sorry. Then were is the general discussion page? The forum links are all dead. --Bernd 14:36, 9 July 2011 (UTC)
A forum would be great. Too many people are using this wiki to chat.


Just because some wiki page looks like the team really need a certain feature does not mean they do. They might not even accept a patch for it. All the world and his wife can edit here and some people do add their feature requests in a way that looks more like a important point on the TODO list. In reality it might be just a single guy who wants it and nobody else cares. Some old pages in this wiki contain such obsolete requests. So do not waste too much time if you are not sure. And keep in mind that every change to Supertux code is still GPL.

Old Links?

The link to berlios project looks obsolete.

We still have our downloads there (they are also linked from Download) --AnMaster 04:49, 17 January 2007 (PST)

Supertux verboten?

Mache ich mich wirklich strafbar wenn ich meinen neun Jahre alten Bruder Supertux spielen lasse? Das hat ein Studienkollege behauptet. Die Begründung war, die FSK würde Opensource Spiele nicht zertifizieren weil die sich ständig ändern und ohne FSK-Freigabe darf man in Deutschland Kindern keine Spiele geben. Ist das wahr? Ich glaube mein Bruder währe ziemlich sauer wenn ich ihm das Spiel wieder weg nehme.

(English Digest follows) Vorab: Ich bin kein Anwalt, sondern auch nur Normaluser. Aber: Nein, strafbar machst du meiner Meinung nach sicher nicht. Zunächst einmal ist für Softwareeinstufungen die USK zuständig, nicht die FSK. Zusätzlich ist die USK-Einstufung nur für den Bereich des Jugendschutzgesetzes relevant, das in Paragraph 12, Absatz 1 JuSchG lediglich regelt, dass "Datenträger [...] einem Kind oder einer jugendlichen Person in der Öffentlichkeit nur zugänglich gemacht werden" dürfen, wenn eine Altersfreigabe erfolgt ist. Der Knackpunkt ist hier der Begriff der "Öffentlichkeit". Das JuSchG greift nicht in den eigenen vier Wänden. Du darfst deinem kleinen Bruder also meiner Meinung nach beruhigt SuperTux auf der Festplatte lassen. (English Digest: AFAIK german law does not prohibit allowing your little brother to play unrated games)
So no need to block downloads from germany?

Was mein Vorredner gerade gesagt hat, stimmt m.M.n. nur zum Teil. Das JuSchG gilt zwar nur bedingt innerhalb der eigenen vier Wände, allerdings sind es die Erziehungsberechtigten, die entscheiden, was dein Bruder spielen darf und was nicht.

Wenn "im Internetz zum herunterladen anbieten" keine "Öffentlichkeit" ist, was dann?

Level exchange??

Hi! Is there everywhere a site in the web where I can on the one hand download levels which were created by users and on the other hand upload my levels? Sorry for my bad english, I´m a german student who hates learning english (;

Try --AnMaster 15:32, 19 October 2007 (UTC)
Why isn´t a link at the main page? I think many people are interested in level exchange..
The website is down now. A:-)Brunuś 20:43, 15 March 2010 (UTC)
Why there is no ride exchange in this wiki? Maybe someone could open a site, where the users can show there levels. The levels could be uploaded on a external upload server like or something like that...
I started a Levelexchange on this site. Tell me what you think about it. Just search for "Levelexchange". I've already uploaded 2 levels. When you think it's good, you can link it with the Main Page.

Adding all templates to Category:Templates

I was busy adding all the templates that were uncategorized to the Templates category when I realized some of the templates were protected. Can a sysop please finish adding the rest? Mathnerd314 22:16, 20 October 2007 (UTC)


Kann ich super Tux auch auf WinWX instaieren und kostet es mich etwas, oder ist das ganze Spiel kostenlos? Auch der LevelEditor?

Babelfish: "Can I instaieren super Tux also on WinWX and do cost it me somewhat, or am free the whole play? Also the level editor?"

Supertux is free software. You can get it for free (unlike beer at the octoberfest). No idea if it works on your Windows machine. Download it and find out. The level editor is free, too. Might be a bit more tricky to get Mono/GTK to work in Windows. There are some instructions in the wiki, but they are all in English. Why not get some Linux instead? Suse is a German distro, ja?
Babelfish: "Supertux ist freie Software. Sie können es für freies erhalten (verschiedenes Bier am octoberfest). Keine Idee, wenn es auf Ihrer Windows Maschine funktioniert. Downloaden Sie es und finden Sie heraus. Der waagerecht ausgerichtete Herausgeber ist, auch frei. Sein konnte eine Spitze, die, Mono/GTK zu erhalten, um in Windows zu arbeiten tricky ist. Es gibt etwas Anweisungen im wiki, aber alle sie sind auf englisch. Warum man nicht irgendein Linux anstatt erhält? Suse ist ein deutsches distro, ja?"
Translation: "SuperTux is free Software. You can receive it for something free (different kinds of beer at octoberfest). No idea when it works on your Windows machine. Download it and find out. The horizontally aligned publisher is free, too. A peak might have happened, which, to receive Mono/GTK to work in Windows, is tricky. There are instructions in the wiki, but all they are in English. Why people don't alternatively get some kind of Linux? SuSE is a German distro, yes?

some feedback

dunno were could I post this, feel free to copy/move/whatever, just don't delete without thinking about improving your game. But... Is this game intendeed for kids, for the audience of old Mario games, or.. Is it friggin intended for Mario speedrunners who can beat the game inside out with a blindfold on???? Because it friggin looks like this one, and I'm not one of them, and I think it should be made clear before we download it, because we think this is a game we can let our 6 y/o cousin try, but neither me 21y/o who is the best Mario player around my casual players friends can't win... Some levels here are CLEARLY "The Unfair Platformer" (for flash). ("Mentiras" (lies? I play portuguese) and another one with a bunch of clouds and some are fall-tru and some are platforms!)... If next milestone gives a game for kids I'll gladly download. But if it's still "The Unfair Platformer", I ask that you inform us before downloading this shit, ok? *mood: gladly removing this from my computer* 20:17, 24 April 2010 (UTC) (I may seem angry but I AM and I though you should know)

Two words: keep trying. Bonus levels like "Lies" are abominably unfair, it's true, but with enough perseverance, they're possible and maybe even fun. TUX/√UT (plz talk 2 me internets | view horrendous deeds) 23:39, 27 August 2010 (UTC)


Where is the like button? Without it how can you tell which of the many Supertux groups on FB is the official one and which are just fakes.

Great Idea. I want to be friend with Supertux on Facebook. And on Google+. --Bernd 14:34, 9 July 2011 (UTC)