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The trouble with lightmaps

Why remove "Levels that use lightmaps"? T

Because they cause weird bugs on Windows, and even on Linux they don't work perfectly. --AnMaster 08:53, 28 Sep 2006 (CEST)
They don't work? Which levels are we talking about here? --WolfgangB 00:53, 29 Sep 2006 (CEST)
"Light and Magic" crashes at unpredictable intervals upon entering the level. No time to investigate yet, so it's an optional bonus level for now --Sommer 12:48, 14 Nov 2006 (CET)

Problems with alpha installer for Windows

The alpha installer by delta___ doesn't seem to use the tools/innosetup/supertux.iss file. The editor depends on the game using this one to build the installer (as the installer for the editor checks for some ids to make sure supertux is installed). --AnMaster 10:22, 5 Oct 2006 (CEST)

Entering Small Island on World 2

There is a small island on the top right corner of world2, how do you enter it?

It's a secret island that can be reached via a teleporter in World 2. It wouldn't be a secret island if I told you how to reach it, now would it? Besides, it would spoil all the fun searching for it! --Sommer 12:44, 14 Nov 2006 (CET)
I don't see a teleporter, is it invisible?
Yes, it is hidden behind a tree --Sommer 13:32, 16 Nov 2006 (CET)

Editor Error

When you try to open a level or worldmap in the windows 0.3.0 editor, you get an error "Error loading level: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation" Any solutions?

You might be trying to open a SuperTux 0.1.x level. Sadly, the editor cannot import those yet.
Converting SuperTux 0.1.x levels to the new 0.3.x format isn't too hard to do (just open an old and a new level in a text editor to see the differences), but I wrote a short Scheme script to do the conversion for you. You can download it at from*checkout*/supertux/branches/supertux/0_3_x/tools/levelconverter-0.1.3_0.2.0.scm?rev=4257
Alternatively. mail me the old level and I'll mail back a converted version to you. --Sommer 13:37, 16 Nov 2006 (CET)