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Underlined ones are the prefered ones, rest are additional suggestions, names are in no specific order:

  • Flying Snowball -> Avior
  • MrBomb -> Fusy, BlowBlow, BumBum, BomBom, TickTick
  • CrazyBomb -> Haywired, LocoFusy
  • MiniBomb -> Shortfuse, Shortfusy
  • Eater: Hork, Gorp, Gulpy
  • IceCrusher: Krosh, Krush
  • SnowJumpy: Recoil, Rekoil, Sprong
  • Bouncing Snowball: Bouncy, SnowBouncy, SnowBounce, Mr.SnowBounce
  • Owl: Mote, Pigeon, Pigy, Pigey, Choppy, Plumy, Whirly, FlipFlip, FlipFlap, FlatFlat
  • Stalactite: Stalag, Stagg
  • Fish -> Bill, Billy, Beacky, Finny, Finneas Von Fisheas
  • BombFish -> Diver, Divy, CrashDown
  • MrIceblock -> Fruzy, Frozy
  • Kamikaze Snowball / Canonball ->