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Just a Though

I like the most the furry one Nolok.. it shouln't be so close to Bowser, it is not funny just to be a redone clone of him.. I think it would fit more if it were furry and look like a feline, a evil and big cat who likes to "play" with birds like penguins, also a cat would be a good antithesis in my opinion, since cats hate cold and water while penguins love it.. of course the feline Nolok would have armor and all that so it would end up looking simmilar to the graphis already done, it would just need a different skin to mnake it furry, it would make it have a different look so it doesnt turn in a "Bowser falsification".. It is nice that SuperTux was based on SuperMario.. but I think it can be more than a pure clone. The feline Nolok could be some kind of wizard casting thunderbolts and fireballs, teleporting himself through the screen, etc. --Ferk 23:24, 11 Aug 2006 (BST)

a croc?

Why not make Nolok a crocodile?

Battle against Nolok

I thought in the battle against Nolok, maybe he could jump off a platform, roll up and then roll along the bottom of the screen. Then he unrolls himself and jumps up onto another platform. Then he could use some kind of special power, like in SuperMario Bowser breathing fire, and then jump off, roll up, and so on. Oh yeah, i like the crocodidile idea. (God, I can't even spell Crocodile!)