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Why did you choose to use MONO for the editor? MONO is evil. Couldn't you have used QT4, wxWidgets or java?

What's wrong with mono? Why prefer a language by Oracle instead of C#? Qt and wxWidgets are no languages at all.
Why did you choose to use MONO for the editor??! Why did the editor needs MONO??! Why did the editor not enough alone without any external program??! After all, with this stupid program is only problems like: Where can I get that program? I have a very new version! Where can I get the old version? MONO does not working! What about not to use the MONO and to avoid it. Then would be all the problems under control.
The original author, MatzeB in 2006, wrote an editor in C#. He committed it. Other people liked it and expanded it. It's easier to learn C# and deal with all the porting problems than to port the editor over to an easier language. And Mono is improving all the time. If you really have some sort of beef with Mono, it's not too hard to write code; I hear Tiled is doing well and accepts plugin contributions. --Mathnerd314 22:14, 28 February 2011 (UTC)
What exactly are you ranting about? If the developers would use another lib or Java someone else would complain because he is too to make it work. If you need help with a problem try asking sensible questions instead of shouting. Okthanksbye. -- 22:30, 28 February 2011 (UTC)

Why do we have to wait until 2038?