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Hi all! You are The Best!!! G'night

Improved Danger

I'd like a list off all the bad guys containing their unique abilities and how they are killed.

A list of the unmoving dangers such as the strange flowers in the forest would also be helpful.

I'd write it myself if I just knew enough about them. In milestone 2 there are new ways to jump that will kill bad guys that aren't killed by regular jumps. Which these are would be very helpful to know.


What is this about a special way to jump that kills bad guys? Did I miss something in the svn log or is that just a whishlist item? --WolfgangB 21:58, 21 June 2007 (UTC)
I never tried it, but...

"Butt Stomp (Milestone 2 only)

Only Big Tux has this ability. When in the air, press the Duck key to perform a Butt Stomp. Tux can use it to break wooden crates from above and defeat certain badguys that are not harmed by a normal jump." //Retardedpope

Are you saying that this is not correct? //Retardedpope

Hi guys. More info on how to set up a controller / joy stick would be nice. (Mine works in other games but I can't seem to get it to work w/ supertux). Have a nice day. - Jessica